International Conference On Big Data & Analytics for Business

The Piccadily Hotels, Janakpuri, New Delhi (India) | 2014-12-28 - 2014-12-29


Data analytics is critical to businesses. As the small data transforms into ‘Big’ data, traditional mechanisms and IT infrastructure used to support, analyze and make meaningful interpretations become ill suited. This also brings up numerous management issues. For example, IT experts have the responsibility to map organization-wide data by breaking down organizational silos and building an enterprise-wide IT infrastructure for data analytics purposes. This in fact requires next-generation analytical tools and techniques and brings up new challenges related to issues such as smart data distribution, quick response in the event of grid failure, etc.

Recent advances and innovations in the area of Business Analytics and Big Data Management have compelled the businesses to integrate analytics into their core strategy. Newer Programming paradigms, transaction data management, social media management and huge quantity of data, in addition to velocity and veracity, generated at a quick pace have great worth for the decision makers. Whether one wants to arrive at some marketing decisions or fine-tune new product launch strategy, data analytics approaches can be a key to several business and societal problems. Also the threats being faced by the corporate due to privacy, frequent transfer of data over LAN and internet (specially Cloud) addressed. While the availability, management and new approaches for big data analytics have opened dimensions for better decision-making, it has also added new challenges to the programmers and database administrators to ensure the security and continuous availability of data.

The conference will be an extraordinary event, reaching out not only to academics throughout the globe, but perhaps more importantly to globally prominent practitioners and innovators in the big data & Analytics. This conference will provide an opportunity to discuss and delineate the latest advancements in Data Analytics and big Data focusing on the development and use of innovative solutions for the businesses. Attendees will hear from a variety of industry expertise, leading research and development organizations and top most academics in the conference domain.

The conference will combine two days of workshops, discussions, demos, plenary, paper, poster and panel sessions. There will be an equal learning opportunity for all the young as well as senior delegates.