FMI Quotation and Copyright Policy

Quotation and Copyright Policy

All research, data, and analyses by Future Market Insights are protected by copyright law. To protect FMI’s reputation as an objective market research and consultation firm, we have policy principles that govern the use of FMI’s research, company name, and logo.

Please read the information below carefully

  • All intellectual property of FMI is subject to its quotation and copyright policy
  • Any quotations from FMI’s published research must be attributed to our original research report
  • To obtain a quote from FMI for inclusion in a news report or press release, please email stating the relevant details. For requests pertaining to press releases, please attach a draft of the press release with your email. FMI will review the context of the press release before approving a quote from a designated spokesperson. FMI reserves the right to refuse or edit any quotations of its spokespersons.
  • Approval (electronic or written) from an FMI spokesperson is required for any press releases that bear reference to FMI.

Information and review requests should be emailed to: