Travel and Tourism Industry

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We help travel & tourism businesses develop new services and products vis-à-vis consumer and business trends.

Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel and Tourism Industry Solutions

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We help organisations keep pace with the various deterrents challenging the future of the global market


We provide strategic expertise where it matters most.

  • Trend Impact Study

  • We simplify the convolute challenges of businesses in the industry through the impact analysis of trends, along with statistics, which aids them in making fact-driven strategies. Businesses can rely on our impact assessment of ongoing and emerging trends on the outlook of the travel & tourism sector to come up with innovative offerings that drive their expansion.

  • Prospective Outlook

  • We help clients sense the contemporary trends in the travel & tourism sector to envisage its future outlook and take apt business trajectories. Leading businesses look to FMI for global or target market assessment and cost-effective quality insights for the successful launch of initiatives and projects that drive revenue generation.

  • Opportunity Analysis

  • We believe in the pivotal role of the travel & tourism industry in the economic growth & development of a nation, and how various businesses can benefit from the opportunities in the sector. Our valuable assessment enables clients build scalable ecosystems, which extends beyond core services to complete experience packages, and realize better growth prospects.


Travel and Tourism Industry

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    The upward trend of Sharing Economy continues to open millions of consumers’ homes to tourists, complementing income for hosts and local cultural experiences for travel enthusiasts. Our intelligence services cover various trends of the travel industry, such as digital disruption and exploitation of electronic gadgets, so that businesses gain insights that open more opportunities for their growth.

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    Our authentic research on tourism helps companies to better understand the aspects that motivate the consumer purchases of relevant products and accessories. Clients can leverage our qualitative and quantitative analysis for the measurement of consumer willingness of spending, in order to differentiate their brand and boost profits, while keeping in line with the trends.

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