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  • Asia Pacific Gasoline Injection Technologies Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-AP-130


    The global market for gasoline injection technologies is attaining considerable growth owing to increasing emphasis on fuel-efficient automotive vehicles. The global automotive industry is focusing on developing vehicles that offer comfort and safety, without compromising on fuel efficiency. Read More

  • Global Telecommunications Services Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-127


    The telecommunications services industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the business world. Telecommunications services are offered by telecommunications service providers for the purpose of sending and receiving messages through electronic devices. Services include phone internet access, email, text, television, radio and fax. Telecommunications services have a robust global market presence, with the mobile services segment comprising a large chunk. Read More

  • Apac Solid State Transformers Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-AP-121


    With the increase in use of renewable energy and distributed energy sources, use of traditional transformers has increased the complexity of the electrical power grids. In order to overcome this complexity, there is need to adopt newer technologies to ensure better control and more reliable operation of the grid. Transformers are fundamental components of any power distribution system.  Read More

  • Global Organic Electronics Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-114


    Organic electronics is a branch of electronics that deals with design, formulation and application of organic materials that possess electrical properties. The organic materials used are basically organic compoundsthat exhibit considerable electrical properties like conductivity.These materials are made up of tiny molecules or carbon-based polymers, hence also called polymer electronics or plastic electronics.  Read More

  • Global Electronic Toll Collection Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-76


    Electronic toll collection system is an automated system, eliminating manual operations by toll payers and receivers. The global ETC market is expected to steer towards a strong double-digit growth rate in the coming five years (2015-2020). The primary drivers of the upcoming growth comprise the need to save travel time, cashless travel facility, the need to stop/minimize the traffic congestion and fast toll transaction.  Read More

  • Global Flexible Electronics Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-75


    A flexible electronic device can be easily folded or twisted without getting damaged. Flexible electronics market deals with the advanced form of electronic devices. These devices have a broad application in various sectors, such as the military & defence, consumer electronics, healthcare & medical and energy & power generation. Read More

  • Global Medical Electronics Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-72


    Medical electronics is a branch of electronics that deals with design, implementation and use of electrical devices and equipment for medical purposes such as research, examination, diagnosis, treatment, assistance and care.  Read More

  • Global Wearable Electronics Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-70


    The market is constantly witnessing innovative product development, offering enhanced functionality and display. This plays a key role in pushing the demand for wearable electronics in the market. Increasing user-friendliness of electronic wearable gadgets is another factor supporting their popularity among consumers. Read More

  • Global Wireless Charging Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-66


    Wireless charging is the process of recharging batteries of electrical devices without using physically connected electric cables. The communication between transmitter (power source) and receiver (device) is generally by microwave or electromagnetic induction.  Read More

  • Global Wireless Power Transmission Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-63


    Wireless power transmission (WPT) or wireless power transfer refers to the transfer of energy or power from one place to another without being connecting through wires. In this, electromagnetic energy is transferred from power sources to electric loads.Wired transmission is the most commonmode of transmitting electrical energy. Its main drawback, the loss of energy during transmission, drives the demand for wireless power transmission. Read More

  • Global E Tailing Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-62


    Electronic retailing, commonly known as e-tailing, is one of the most significant subsets of the global e-Commerce industry. The global e-tailing market accounts for a significant revenue share of the global e-commerce market, owing to its dominance in online business and trade operations. Read More

  • Global Microgrid Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-59


    A microgrid is a modern small-scale electricity system used to generate, distribute and regulate the flow of electricalpower. It includes distributed energy resources and multiple loads which enable it to interconnect with other electrical grids as well as operate in a parallelpower generation environment. Read More

  • Global Cyber Security Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-57


    Cyber security is related to information technology security, which focuses on protecting networks, computers programs and data from unauthorized access. Defense and military, government, financial institutions and corporation etc. collect and store confidential information on computers and transfer that data across networks. In order to protect this data and information from cyber attack cyber security becomes necessary.  Read More

  • Global Cloud Ran Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-52


    Cloud-RAN,orCentralized-RAN (C-RAN) is an advanced cellular network architecture for mobile network infrastructure that can support 2G, 3G and 4G system and meet wireless communication benchmarks. Cloud-RAN is outpacing traditional cellular network system as it doesn’t require RF (radio frequency) equipment, antenna, BTS (baseband unit) and digital processor to be deployed in the cell site.  Read More

  • Global Digital Signage System Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-49


    Digital signage system,also termed as dynamic signage system,is used for transmitting and displayingdigital contents, such as animations, audio-visual, text and images.The system composites a playback device, a network and server, software and display device.The player or playback device is responsible for repetition of content onto the screen.  Read More

  • Global E Book Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-46


    E-books are electronic books or digitalbooks that consist of content in text, image and tabular form. E-books are published electronically and can be read on electronic devices like smartphones, e-book reader and tablets. They can be categorized into two parts - open source ones, whichusers can download freely and those for which users have to pay.  Read More

  • Europe Connected Cars Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-GB-44


    Research indicates that the market for connected cars, after 2010, has been growing in a nascent stage each year. Providing a wide range of opportunities to automotive and telecom industries, as well as consumers, the market is anticipated to gain mass penetration and witness substantial growth in the near future. Read More

  • Mea Enterprise Software Market Analysis

    Upcoming | REP-MA-33


    Enterprise software or enterprise application software (EAS) is an application software used by organizations to conduct their line-of-business operations, such as planning, human resources, inventory/materials management, business intelligence, purchasing, manufacturing, finance& accounting, customer relationship management, marketing, sales&services etc. Read More

Showing 1161 to 1178 Of 1178 Reports