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FMI provides digital access to its market research reports so you can access presentations, data, charts, slides in real-time and on-the-go.

As advocates of technological advancements, we have worked hard to build an efficient system of report delivery through digital mediums. Exceptionally cost-effective, our digital delivery ensures quick response that can be stored on cloud or downloaded as the requirement maybe.

The aim of our digital delivery is to reduce the carbon footprint, paperwork, issues pertaining to storage, and costs associated with maintenance. Furthermore, this makes our well-researched documents tamper-proof and reliable. All of these factors ensure an easy maintenance cost for the company.

Report delivery through digital mediums has also introduced security and flexibility at an unparalleled level. With access to documents at all time, dependency on manpower is eliminated. Our modus operandi is in tandem with the BYOD trend in the light of recent shift to remote working across verticals.

Built in a way that our reports are based on intuitive navigation and interactive nature, we allow a quick contact with analysts through clickables. Features such as downloadable charts permit a physical copy of required parts for study or presentation purposes. This is ideal not just for corporates but for the student community as well. We have strived to bridge the gap for students with academic pursuits with “build your own chart” option. Our thorough cross industry comparisons allows students to learn on their own, giving them a chance to hone their research skills.

Our digital delivery supports multiple media formats, browsers, search text, and comes in other formats depending on your requirement. Customization is the core essence of our delivery system as we help you build a library of research reports for predictive analysis of the economic cycles. Thus, the eventual goal is to build a digital asset of knowledge that is bankable and reliable.

Digital delivery also ensures easy tracking of your assets through the years, eliminating the need for filing and storing. We hold the power to understand number of readers, level of engagement, and downloads in high regard as it has helped us better our deliveries. This data is truly invaluable as understanding the highest selling product or service is possible by simply assessing the engagement levels.

Ability to make content dynamic with videos, films, animals, and other interactive elements has enabled us to make our digital reports best learning modules for end users. The audio visual engagement, which can be achieved with digital delivery has been one-of-kind feature allowing us to push our boundaries of brining the best content to you.

FMI delivers personalised research services by deploying a broad spectrum of research databases, resources, and methodologies.

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