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Traditional market intelligence won’t cut it – in today’s digital world, you need an eclectic combination – a merger of legacy methodologies and new-age, machine-based market research tools

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Analytical Vigor

Visualising analysis and presenting data in simplified formats – key imperatives to successful market research. Our analytical strength surfaces empirical intelligence that ensures improvements in key business metrics.

Global Reach

From scoping out opportune potential of local markets to assessing global business profitability – FMI equips clients with critical intelligence to optimise decision and growth. We are affiliated with reputed brands worldwide, and have audiences from all industry verticals.

Smaller Risks, Greater Profits

The steadier the stream of sales, the longer thrives the business. FMI leverages modern research practices to maximise profits vis-à-vis risk reduction for its clients. FMI's research process constantly drives innovation to improve business outcomes.

Reverent Leaders

FMI's skilled research strategists are passionate for brainstorming concepts that make us distinguishable in our insights. Our subject matter experts are continuously focused on exploring new ways for transformative business solutions.

Competitive Pricing

'Profit at any cost' is the holy grail in the business community. FMI understands the importance of measurable returns for clients. Achieve valuable intelligence without huge outlays through our cost-effective solutions.


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