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Future Market Insights is the premier provider of market intelligence and consulting services, serving clients in over 150 countries. FMI is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and has its global delivery center in India. In addition to these, FMI also carries out business development and client engagement through its US and UK offices.

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Market Research for the 21st Century

Future Market Insights (FMI) is one of the leading providers of custom and syndicated market research reports. We also offer end-to-end consulting services, and have worked with 80% of the Fortune 1,000 companies in the last six years. We are proud research solution providers to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Commencing operations in 2014, FMI has now grown to become a trusted market research partner for clients across the globe. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, FMI now operates from three global offices, with its delivery center in India. The US and UK offices are point of contact for new business development and client engagements.

FMI serves clients from a range of industries, including automotive & transportation, technology, consumer products, automation and equipment, food & beverage, services & utilities, chemicals & materials, energy, mining, and oil & gas.

Our research covers some of the world’s largest economies, as well as fast-developing markets. We offer market coverage in 100+ countries, with specific focus on the US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Nordics, UK, Brazil, India, China, South Korea, GCC, and Japan.

FMI has a 300+ strong team of market research consultants – each team is led by a research manager with an average of 10+ years of relevant domain experience. This ensures our clients gain credible and reliable insights from a team that understand the pulse of the markets.

Our Vision and mission


To be an organization that’s perennially trusted by its clients, earnestly respected by its employees, and enviously admired by its competitors!


To consistently create market research reports of the highest quality so that our clients make strategic decisions with confidence and clarity. We aim to empower businesses with accurate, actionable insights that help them strategize, plan ahead, and ultimately succeed in their endeavors.

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Who We Are

FMI focuses on three radical goals – building framework, creating awareness, and improving value for our clients

Our Values

Breaking the Stereotype of Pre-Informed Opinions, Delivering Quality Research with a Neutral Mindset


Breaches of confidentiality are a far-cry from FMI’s ethical research practices. We respect the privacy and rights of clients, consistently building credibility and trust.


FMI deeply understands the crux of professionalism in the consulting landscape. We promote the interests of the research industry, and comply with laws & regulations to foster confidence and loyalty in our clients.


We rid the monotony fixed solutions that ebb the agility of business performance. Our approach trails time-efficient research, to offer authentic insights and accurate results. Clients can exploit our innovative offerings to perform faster and better.


FMI's consulting excellence stays guarded by three pillars - commitment, innovation, and improvement. We go the extra mile for assured client satisfaction and measurable results.


Flexibility is still an exceptional trait of consulting – a key to help businesses drive value with unconventional ideas, context, and understanding. FMI’s disruptive research framework enables scalable solutions. Our responsivity to client objectives reflects in our flexible approaches.

Our People

FMI is a group of passionate researchers, with a strong commitment to precision, pragmatic, and result-oriented solutions

Talent Promotion

Consistently promoting the culture of performance - FMI encourages ceaseless talent development to improve productivity. Our multifarious employee development programs enable efficient execution of strategy.

Engaged Workforce

Employee engagement plays an integral role in boosting productivity. We constantly work on creating a working culture, where employees are well aware of their contribution and keep breaking their own records.

Inclusive Environment

We make it a point to hear and value all of our employees, let alone recruiting remarkable candidates with proficiency and experience. This has helped us find best-in-class research professionals.

What We Do

We leverage the expertize of our consultants and new-age tools to deliver market intelligence solutions that are accurate, transparent, and actionable


Casting Dynamic Business Success Spells

We take research beyond numbers to make client projects a 'success story' in one go. FMI's range of consulting methods - tailored specifically to your needs, budget, and timeframe – ensure a fitting guidance that you are after.


Making Brands Achieve Distinct Identity

FMI assists clients in understanding consumer perception of their brand, track performance vis-à-vis contenders, and identify optimum positioning. Our expertise in bottom-line know-hows of varied business landscapes will help you stand out from the crowd.

Refining Services

FMI’s take on research pushes clients to take their services to a whole new level. It is our research on customer satisfaction - alongside journey mapping methods – that empowers you refine your services and gain measurable returns.

Refining Services
Driving Engagement Strategies

Driving Engagement Strategies

Understanding your customers and building engagement strategies – often requirements of the business community. FMI’s first-hand, contemporary insights on the business landscape trail apt methods for you to build a strong entourage of potential audiences.

Promoting Ceaseless Innovation

We leverage the best of both worlds – research and analytics – to help forward-looking brands keep innovating. Our intelligence is a source of inspiration to our clients for transforming ideas into value.

Promoting Ceaseless Innovation

Where We Help

Custom & Syndicated Market Research Reports

Custom & syndicated research solutions for your unique challenges; powered by AI, hand-crafted by our experienced researchers.

Real-time Insights | Delivered Digitally

Our suite of digital business strategy solutions - a transformation that accelerates your organizational goals.

Competitive Intelligence | Ethical & Unbiased

Competitor analysis simplified – real-time intelligence on competitors, consumers, and industry.

Consulting | Unparalleled Business Intelligence

Traditional consulting solutions no longer cut it – bespoke consulting, at every step, to keep you in the lead.

Our Journey

FMI has come a long way, ceaselessly evolving, and aiming beyond success to be exemplary.


The Onset

Transparency Market Research (TMR), now a force to reckon with in the market research industry, came into being.


Debut of FMI.

Future Market Insights (FMI) emerged as a separate legal entity with the onus on tapping emerging markets with aptly tailored intelligence.


First Milestone Achieved

FMI had compiled over 400 research reports, dedicated to approximately 5 key industry verticals. We were also awarded with the title of 'Brand of the Year' in market research.


Gaining Significance

Our workforce was already expanding, with the employee strength in excess of 250 analysts, and our operations spanning across six countries.*

*Delivery and Operation Centres


Uphill Growth

Our growth in the market research industry was on a roll, with over 1,500 research studies launched and more than 100 niche categories covered.


Second Milestone Achieved

FMI gained significant popularity in the market research industry, and we launched over 6,000 reports, while our employee strength exceeded 350, worldwide.


Going the Extra Mile

Our aim is to grow as a value-driven market research & consulting firm, aiding global leading businesses materialise their objectives. We are constantly evolving with the focus on helping our clients pick up pace in achieving their most-critical goals with smooth execution


Resilience Amidst Disruption

The pandemic-induced disruption has impacted businesses around the globe. However, we continue to show resilience amidst disruption -- our teams have made quick adjustments to ensure our clients continue to receive unwavering service and consultation.

Our Executive Team

Our strength – an experienced executive team that is committed to bring a remarkably vibrant approach to market research

Anurag Singh

Anurag Singh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Anurag Singh, the CEO of Future Market Insights (FMI), is the epitome of the entrepreneur spirit. A visionary and an indomitable leader, Anurag has been the pillar of the FMI growth story. Anurag continues to be a hands-on entrepreneur, guiding the young workforce of FMI to realize their full potential. In addition to running the company and setting the overall vision of the group, Anurag is actively involved in brainstorming new concepts, launching people development initiatives, and helping the organization achieve its short- and long-term goals.

Never to rest on past laurels, Anurag Singh continues to develop new, disruptive organizations from scratch. Since the inception of FMI, he has successfully transformed numerous start-ups into global forces to reckon with. His passion for market research continues unabated, and he is optimistic of launching transformative solutions that will induce a paradigm shift in this industry.

Sudip Saha

Sudip Saha, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Sudip Saha, the ‘Mozart of Market Research’, a moniker given to him by his peers, is the COO of Future Market Insights. In his current role, he is responsible for the strategic and tactical leadership of the COO functions, supporting and monitoring the strategy, planning, execution, financial position, and market performance of FMI. Armed with a solid understanding of the nuances of market research, Sudip has successfully steered FMI to become one of the leading companies in the research and consulting landscape.

A growth-oriented business professional with vast experience in market research and project management across verticals in APAC, EMEA, and Americas, Sudip is a strong believer and proponent of innovation-based solutions, with an emphasis on creating customised solutions to meet varied client needs.

Rajendra Singh

Rajendra Singh, Chief Web Officer (CWO)

As the Chief Web Officer (CWO), Rajendra is responsible for maintaining the entire web presence of Future Market Insights (FMI). Highly skilled in a range of programming languages and new technologies, including but not limited to, HTML, SEO, Javascript, CSS, PHP, SQL, Wordpress, and Content Management Systems (CMS), Rajendra continues to play a pivotal role in ensuring both, internet and intranet sites are up and running 24x7.

Rajendra is also responsible for managing the SEO, internet marketing, IT enabled services (ITES), and website development services with design, implementation, QA, maintenance teams at Future Market Insights, with a focus on ensuring seamless user experience across all devices and platforms.

On a personal front, Rajendra is passionate about travelling, and has completed numerous road trips to some of the most scenic locations in the country.

Our Approach

Only research that builds go-to market strategies is not enough. You need reliable insights, derived directly from customer experience - we help you achieve that

Qualitative Opinions,
Quantitative Insights

Neither an inside-out nor an outside-in analysis, businesses need a combination of both – quantitative plus qualitative – to drive brand value. FMI’s research is methodical, fast and accurate, which delivers actionable solutions that matter.

Impactful Storytelling

For FMI, research is more than insights. We are skilled in telling compelling stories, which facilitate business decisions and action. Our systematic research turns data into engaging and evident stories that push businesses forward.

Speed with Quality

Businesses are in a phase of rapid change, and standardised research that is dogmatic in nature won’t work. FMI strongly focuses on inventing and reinventing its research approach. We not only deliver faster and quality market intelligence, but ensure adding value to insights to resolve business challenges efficiently.

Why Choose Us

Traditional market intelligence won’t cut it – in today’s digital world, you need an eclectic combination – a merger of legacy methodologies and new-age, machine-based market research tools

Discover the Difference – The FMI Experience

Analytical Vigor

Visualising analysis and presenting data in simplified formats – key imperatives to successful market research. Our analytical strength surfaces empirical intelligence that ensures improvements in key business metrics.

Global Reach

From scoping out opportune potential of local markets to assessing global business profitability – FMI equips clients with critical intelligence to optimise decision and growth. We are affiliated with reputed brands worldwide, and have audiences from all industry verticals.

Smaller Risks, Greater Profits

The steadier the stream of sales, the longer thrives the business. FMI leverages modern research practices to maximise profits vis-à-vis risk reduction for its clients. FMI's research process constantly drives innovation to improve business outcomes.

Reverent Leaders

FMI's skilled research strategists are passionate for brainstorming concepts that make us distinguishable in our insights. Our subject matter experts are continuously focused on exploring new ways for transformative business solutions.

Competitive Pricing

'Profit at any cost' is the holy grail in the business community. FMI understands the importance of measurable returns for clients. Achieve valuable intelligence without huge outlays through our cost-effective solutions.