Future Market Insights (FMI) takes the privacy and confidentiality of its clients very seriously. We are committed to providing you a safe and secure platform so you can rest assured about your personal data and information.

This policy is effective as of August 24, 2023. Please note that this privacy statement will be updated from time to time.


This comprehensive privacy statement applies to Future Market Insights and the goods and services they provide. The "More Information About Us" section contains further information about our particular entities.

Along with our cookie policy and the appropriate conditions of use for the particular product or service you're using, we advise reading this policy. You need to be aware of how your information is gathered and used. We often revise our policies as part of our commitment to openness. Please check this page often to remain updated on any changes. In the event of content updates, we will let our devoted clients know.

The "users" and "customers" of Future Market Insights (referred to as "you") are covered by this policy. This applies to everyone who uses our goods and services, places an order, registers, or registers. Included in this are subscribers, registered users, app users, internet users, event attendees, and students taking educational courses. The terms "your information" and "your personal data" are used interchangeably throughout this policy.

1. External Links

The handling of data by Future Market Insights is the subject of this policy. We are not accountable for the privacy practices or the content of other websites, even if our websites, services, or products may link to or be hosted on them. You should definitely read the privacy policies of any other websites you visit. In addition, the privacy policies of any third parties you use to access our website will apply to your dealings with them. Knowing their policies throughout and out is crucial.

2. Why do we Collect Data?

Our main objective in gathering and keeping your information is to make sure that our goods and services are delivered to you effectively. We are able to provide personalized content, advertising, and an improved user experience across our platforms thanks to the data you voluntarily submit and the information we gather based on your activity.

3. Types of Data We Gather

To make it easier to supply services and goods, we collect the information you submit, including subscriber contact information. The information gathered for Future Market Insights Newspaper subscriptions may include, but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • Address for correspondence (including zip code)
  • Inbox address
  • Paying information

Furthermore, information gathered for our Future Market Insights events company and Future Market Insights may include:

  • Work Title
  • Working Email
  • Company
  • Country
  • Industry

3.1 Utilizing Products to Collect Data

Your interactions with our online platforms and apps generate useful data that allows us to improve our services. We amass a range of information via the use of cookies and comparable technologies, including:

  • Browser: Information regarding the web browser you use to access our sites is something we collect. This aids in the compatibility optimization of our services.
  • Email Provider: By being aware of your email provider, we can send alerts and communications to you more efficiently.
  • Device Information: We may customize our services for various devices by knowing information about the device you use, such as its kind, model, and operating system.
  • I.P. Address: Your I.P. address is gathered to protect the safety of our services and monitor global patterns of user participation.
  • Internet Operator: Information about your internet connection, such as its kind and speed, enables us to enhance the way that information is delivered.
  • Occasional Location Data: Sometimes, we may gather location information to provide you with services or content that is specialized to a certain area.

Note: You have the option to add other optional information. We can better understand the tastes and interests of our audience thanks to the help of this data. This information may be gathered via a variety of interactions, such as purchases, registrations, subscriptions, or regular service usage—whether offline, through marketing initiatives, orders sent over the phone or by mail, or during online interactions.

4. How do we Utilize Data?

We use the information we gather to provide the goods and services you've requested, personalize interactions, and deliver content and advertising that is relevant to you. The main functions of data processing are explained in detail below:

4.1 Service Delivery

  • Order and contractual obligation fulfillment: We make sure that your orders and contractual obligations are carried out effectively and precisely.
  • Regulating Your Access to Online Information and Delivering Alerts: Our goal is to keep you informed and involved by regulating your access to online information and delivering alerts.
  • Providing Services Linked to Events: If you participate in our events, we will utilize your data to provide seamless services linked to events.
  • Sending Service-Related Notifications: Important notifications are sent to keep you informed, including membership renewals, password resets, and purchase confirmations.
  • Answering Customer Questions: We utilize the information you provide to respond to your questions and issues in a timely manner.
  • Managing Privacy Choices: We manage your communication choices in accordance with your privacy preferences.

4.2 Advertising and Marketing

  • Sending Marketing Communications: You will get marketing content to keep you informed about current specials and developments.
  • Sharing Information about Related Products and Services: We provide details on relevant goods and services for you.
  • Working Together with Partners to Communicate: Working together with partners ensures thorough communication about goods and services.
  • Utilizing Data for Business Events: Your data may be used for business events to increase attendee participation.
  • Running Promotions and contests: We run promotions and contests that provide our audience with entertaining experiences.

4.3 Social Media

Our social media presence extends beyond simple exposure and includes the organic and paid distribution of strategic content. With this comprehensive strategy, we can contact as many people as possible and have meaningful conversations with them.

  • Organic Dissemination: Publishing articles, updates, and deals on our social media accounts is organic content sharing. By doing this, we make sure that our content works with the platform without any hiccups, allowing it to show up in the feeds of our users and followers without the need for any kind of paid advertising.
  • Promotional Techniques: To increase the exposure of our content, we use promotional techniques in addition to organic sharing. To guarantee that our messages are heard by a larger but still relevant audience, including people who may not already be following our social media accounts, this may include boosting a post or using targeted advertising.

4.4 Profiling the Audience

We set out on a path of audience profiling, using the power of data analysis to create content, communications, and advertising that truly connect with people who have similar interests. We provide experiences that are not just relevant but also individualized via this tactical approach.

  • Data Insights: Careful examination of user interactions, interests, and habits serves as the foundation for our audience profiling. This includes a broad range of data, such as the kinds of content accessed, engagement trends, and even demographic information.
  • Personalized Content Creation: Equipped with these insights, we create content that is specifically tailored to the interests of various audience groups. Each item, whether it be an article, a marketing message, or a promotional offer, is tailored to the specific interests of its target audience.
  • Precision Advertising: We profile our audience for all our advertising initiatives. We may produce adverts that are not only well-timed but also very relevant if we have a thorough awareness of the subtleties of our audience's preferences. This dramatically raises the likelihood that users will interact and convert.

Establishing a true connection between our content and each unique user is the aim of audience profiling. The user experience is improved overall because of this tailored approach, which also increases customer happiness and loyalty.

5. How do we Customize User Experience?

We at Future Market Insights are aware of how personalization might improve your experience working with us. Our objective is centered on our dedication to providing you with customized and relevant information, advertising, and marketing experiences.

  • Customized Content and Suggestions: By using analytics cookies and choosing to participate in aggregate analysis, we are able to gather information about how you interact with Future Market Insights products. Because of this information, tailored content is carefully curated to match your interests and preferences with the articles, reports, and insights you encounter.
  • Personalizing Content to Engage Audiences: Our strategy for personalizing content is based on our sincere desire to comprehend our audience. As a commercial publisher, our goal is to provide engaging experiences by using real interests. We provide fascinating content that is also specially crafted to fit your own interests.
  • Disabling personalization: We respect your right to decide how you want to be treated. You may always refuse to accept analytics cookies in our platform's Manage Cookies area to turn off personalization. It's crucial to keep in mind that even if you alter your personalization preferences, past choices could still affect the content you continue to receive.

6. Working together with Third Parties

Future Market Insights' dedication to providing exceptional services and engaging experiences is based on collaboration with other partners and service providers. These alliances improve a number of facets of our business, assuring smooth service delivery and satisfied customers.

  • Professional Payment Processing: Future Market Insights collaborates with professional payment processors to ensure safe transactions. These reputable organizations make sure that the greatest levels of security and compliance are used to conduct your financial transactions.
  • Effective Subscription Account Management: Sophisticated third-party suppliers make it easier for you to manage your subscription account. Access, password resets, and account administration are made simpler by their proficiency in online account management.
  • Effective Communication Delivery: Modern marketing systems make it feasible to send emails and alerts. These channels ensure that our communications with you are timely and well-organized, which raises the level of interaction you have with Future Market Insights as a whole.
  • Innovative Product Testing and Launch: Future Market Insights works with reliable third parties to launch new goods, services, or deals. These partnerships guarantee seamless product testing and releases, providing consumers with a seamless experience.
  • Survey and Analysis-Based Insights: Third-Party Collaborations Include Survey and Analysis-Based Insights on Our Behalf. These initiatives provide insightful data on consumer preferences and market trends that improve our content creation and advertising tactics.
  • Compliance with the law and auditing: In accordance with regulatory requirements, certain information may be disclosed to third parties for legal and auditing reasons. Our activities are kept transparent and compliant thanks to this cooperative approach.
  • Enabling Audience Profiling: To improve our audience profiling efforts, Future Market Insights collaborates with other organizations. These partnerships bring new levels of knowledge, allowing us to improve our individualized content and marketing initiatives.
  • Enhancing User Experience: Our commitment to giving our users smooth, safe, and enjoyable experiences is shown through our collaboration with third parties. Future Market Insights carefully selects each collaboration to ensure that it supports the company's beliefs and objectives and that user requirements are consistently put first.

7. Information Sharing between Partners and Future Market Insights

In certain cases, Future Market Insights receives information from other partners, which helps us better understand our audience and enable more specialized interactions.

  • Enhanced Data for Better Service: Our subscription services may make use of supplemental data, including phone numbers or zip codes, from other sources. This information improves our capacity to efficiently communicate service changes with you or make sensible marketing choices.
  • Collaborations with other parties assist in discovering people who could be interested in Future Market Insights' services, providing strategic insights for targeted engagement. We are better able to communicate with prospective consumers because of the shared data.
  • Transparency in Communications: We always make sure that our communications are transparent when we obtain information from outside sources. You'll always be aware of who has access to your data and for what purposes. Your permission is still essential, and we respect your contact preference decisions.
  • Diverse Data rules: It's critical to remember that every third party has different privacy rules that apply to the gathering, use, and sharing of data. These guidelines are not the responsibility of Future Market Insights. Before moving on, we suggest you research and comprehend any relevant privacy policies.

8. Data Processing Foundation at Future Market Insights

Future Market Insights depends on many legal bases to guarantee transparent and legal data handling. These foundations are consistent with how data is processed and with your legal rights.

  • Consent: In many situations, consent is crucial. Before sending out marketing messages to brand-new clients, permission is requested. Customers who have already purchased something may agree to get updates about new goods.
  • Legitimate Interests: Future Market Insights often uses legitimate interests to handle data. This entails assessing client satisfaction, developing our goods and services, and boosting the user experience.
  • Data Processing: Data processing is carried out to carry out contractual obligations, such as monitoring subscription payments and granting access to group subscription accounts.
  • Legal Compliance: In certain situations, such as tax, auditing, and regulatory requirements, legal duties compel data processing.
  • Special Category Data and Criminal Conviction Data: Future Market Insights complies with all applicable legal and significant public interest requirements when dealing with special category or criminal conviction data.

9. Retention of Data for Future Market Analysis

Future Market Insights is dedicated to using secure data preservation procedures that comply with applicable laws and business requirements.

  • Retention Period: Personal data is securely kept for as long as is deemed required to provide our services and products. This retention complies with all relevant legal requirements and written agreements.
  • Data minimization: We follow the Data Minimization and Limitation Principles in our retention strategy. We only keep the information necessary to help you and enhance our services.
  • Inactivity and Removal: Information about customers who haven't engaged with Future Market Insights for a certain amount of time will be kept on file for a predetermined amount of time. For the sake of compliance, regulation, or the law, certain information may need to be kept.
  • Reactivation Considerations: If you ask for the deletion of all information, it can be difficult to reactivate your involvement in the future. To preserve your choices, suppression lists are used.

10. Data Transfer and Security Worldwide

Due to Future Market Insights' worldwide operations, personal data must be transferred to numerous regions and reliable third parties. Such transactions are secured by strict legal protections.

Future Market Insights gives information security a priority by implementing extensive security procedures, rules, and policies. Third-party collaborations abide by the terms of their contracts, which guarantee confidentiality and restricted use of shared information.

11. Know Your Rights

You have specific rights about your data under relevant legislation. Future Market Insights pledges to uphold and promote these rights.

  • You may obtain a copy of the personal information we currently possess and have inaccurate information corrected.
  • A machine-readable copy of your data should be obtained wherever possible.
  • Request the correction, erasure, or limitation of the processing of your data.
  • When appropriate, object to certain processing objectives and withdraw permission.

Contact us if you have any privacy-related questions or complaints. While we take into account any concerns, data processing may be necessary for legal reasons.

11.1 Data Rights and Control: Special Information for Residents of the U.S.

Future Market Insights respects and acknowledges the data rights that are relevant to you as one of our esteemed citizens of the United States. You will have more transparency and control over your personal information thanks to these rights.

  • We promise to notify you of how your data is being used. You have the right to complete disclosure on any sharing or selling of your data as a resident of the U.S.
  • You have control over your privacy. Your right to object to any data sharing or sale activity is respected by us. As a result, you have the ability to customize your online experience to suit your tastes and comfort levels.

11.2 Children's Privacy: Developing Data for Young Minds

We at Future Market Insights take great care to protect the privacy of young people. We make sure that the data of subscribers between the ages of 16 and 18 is handled in a reasonable and constrained way.

  • In situations involving people between the ages of 16 and 18, we may need parental or guardian approval. The added layer of security makes sure that young subscribers' privacy rights are preserved and respected.
  • Regardless of age, we consider data privacy to be a basic right for everyone. Our passion for fostering a secure and courteous online environment is reflected in our commitment to protecting children's privacy.

11.3 What happens if I live in China?

The Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) applies if you are a resident of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and interact with Future Market Insights by giving personal information. It's important to note that you could also be subject to certain of the provisions of this privacy policy.

  • Create a channel of communication for Future Market Insights' goods and services and send out marketing and other promotional content when justifiable on legal grounds.
  • Conduct studies that will help our FMI and other businesses within the Future Market Insights umbrella.
  • Provide services to Future Market Insights that meet the demands of our corporate customers.

Future Market Insights neither actively processes sensitive data on PRC citizens nor does it intend to do so. We will send you the proper privacy notices if, in certain circumstances, such processing becomes essential.

You have certain rights under the PIPL when Future Market Insights handles your information, including the following:

  • The right to knowledge.
  • The ability to decide how your personal information is used.
  • Access to and the ability to download copies of your data.
  • The freedom to transfer data.
  • The ability to change incorrect data.
  • The ability to request data deletion.
  • The option to revoke the agreement.
  • The ability to ask for clarifications on how your personal information is handled.

Please contact us at to exercise these rights.

We do not knowingly handle data on children under the age of 14. If such circumstances occur, we shall follow the law by obtaining parental permission.

12. Compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) serves as Canada's federal privacy law governing private-sector organizations within the country. Enacted on April 13, 2000, this law reflects the balance between respecting individuals' privacy rights and accommodating organizations' legitimate needs to collect, use, or disclose personal information for appropriate purposes.

As Future Market Insights (FMI) caters to clients in both the United States of America and Canada, adherence to PIPEDA is a legal obligation. Just as we comply with the E.U.'s GDPR, PIPEDA empowers you with rights to access your collected personal information, inquire about its collection, usage, and storage, and challenge its accuracy.

According to PIPEDA, personal information encompasses factual or subjective data collected by organizations about identifiable individuals. Refer to Sections 2 and 3 to delve into the details of the personal information we collect.

Certain situations fall outside PIPEDA's scope:

  • Personal information is handled by federal entities under the Privacy Act.
  • Provinces, territories, and their agencies.
  • Employee contact details collected exclusively for professional communication.
  • Personal information used strictly for personal purposes.
  • Data collected for journalistic, artistic, or literary intentions.

13. Reach Out to Us

We're available round the clock to address your queries about our Privacy Policy. For more information or to request removal of your information from our database, connect with us at: or call us at +44 (0) 20 7692 8790.

FMI reserves the right to enhance, append, update, or modify this Policy as required. Such changes will be promptly communicated on our website without explicit notice to users. Such modifications take effect upon posting. It's advisable to periodically review our Policy and consent to the terms and conditions.

14. Wish to Unsubscribe?

You can opt out of our email and telephone marketing lists whenever you prefer. Simply contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I access the information FMI holds about me?

To view the information held about you, simply mail us at Our dedicated data privacy team will handle your request promptly.

2. Can I opt out of profiling?

Depending on your location, you can choose to opt in or out of profiling by managing your cookie preferences.

3. How do I opt out of marketing communications?

Updating your preferences is easy. If you're a subscriber to our services, you can manage this through your online account. For other areas of FMI, mail us at Unsubscribe from email marketing by clicking the link in our emails.

4. How can I make a complaint?

For complaints about personal information or this privacy policy, mail us at If you remain unsatisfied, you can contact the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) as detailed below.

5. Can I approach the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)?

Certainly, you can voice your concerns to the ICO regarding our handling of your personal data at Prior to contacting the ICO, it's advisable to raise your complaint with us, as the organization managing your information.

6. How long will you retain my information?

We typically retain customer information for up to four years after our last interaction. If necessary for financial, tax, or legal reasons, it might be seven years or longer.

7. Can I request deletion of my information?

Absolutely. Get in touch with us, and we'll review your request and take appropriate action. This may involve suppressing rather than deleting to respect your marketing preferences or adhere to legal obligations.

8. How can I manage my cookie preferences?

Utilize our cookie consent tool for managing your preferences. Further details can be found in our cookie policy.

9. What are my GDPR rights?

Under GDPR, you can request the information we hold about you by submitting a subject access request.

10. What are my rights under California privacy law?

You have the right to inquire about the information we've 'sold' about you. This includes sharing your data with select third parties when you've provided permission by opting into marketing.

11. How can I contact FMI?

If you have queries about this policy or your personal information, mail us at You can also write to us at:

Future Market Insights, Inc.
Christiana Corporate,
200 Continental Drive,
Suite 401, Newark,
Delaware - 19713, United States
12. How will I be informed of policy changes?

Periodically, we may update our privacy policy due to legal changes, best practices, or service updates. Keep an eye on this statement for any modifications, as we'll post them here.