About FMI

Future Market Insights offers off-the-shelf (syndicated) market research reports as well as custom market research reports which are based on client’s requirements. Besides, FMI also maintains a vast repository of upcoming or work-in-progress market research reports, which are published at a stipulated time. Based on client requirements, these upcoming reports can be expedited.

We are headquartered in Delaware, USA, and have a strong workforce in India. We also have business development and client engagement offices in the UK and United Arab Emirates.

What types of research reports does FMI provide? Where is FMI based? How long have you been in the market? Future Market Insights, as a standalone brand, has been serving the needs of corporations around the world since 2014. The parent organization of FMI is over a decade old. FMI has sold market research reports to over 5,000 clients till date, and 80% of Fortune 1,000 have bought a report from us at least once.

FMI is a leading publisher of market research reports. We have a strong team of nearly 500 market research consultants, who use our in-house research methodologies in conjunction with primary & secondary research to create reliable market research reports. FMI’s report are, in fact, hosted by some of the leading research report aggregators.

About Ordering and Delivery

To help clients find the most relevant market research report, FMI has a very intuitive search functionality on the website You can type the name of the report you are looking for, and automatically few suggestions will pop up. You can choose from the suggestions or use the press enter to explore the detailed list.

Need help locating the right report specific to your business? Get in touch with our reps, available 24X7, at Share your research requirements, and expect a prompt response from our reps.

Alternatively, we are available round-the-clock at +44 (0) 20 8123 9659 (for U.K. time zone) | +1-347-918-3531 (for USA time zone) | +91 902 879 8551 (WhatsApp).

At FMI, we respect your decision to carry out due diligence before ordering a report. Therefore, we offer a sample of the concerned report for your review and evaluation.

In addition to the report sample, our in-house team of market research reports is available for pre-sales calls. We provide our clients transparent information so they can choose the best possible option for their organization.

In addition to sending you a sample report through email, we also provide a demo of our previous editions on calls. Considering the confidential and intangible nature of reports, we only provide a demo of these reports in a secure environment, using our online meeting platforms.

Ordering a report from FMI is as easy as it gets! You can choose a license type depending upon how many people in your organization will need access to the report and head to checkout. You will be presented with payment gateway options to choose from – you can rest assured that your payment details are not stored and are used only for transaction purposes.

Once you make the payment, we will send you a confirmation email along with report delivery timelines. Ready reports are usually send to the email ID you used to make the payment within 24-48 hours. For work-in-progress or upcoming reports, we will suggest you the best delivery ETA based on the complexity of the project and internal factors. However, you can be rest assured that report delivery is prioritized and expedited.

In cases where you are in pre-sales discussions about the scope of the study and price, our business development representative will offer you the timeline and cost of the report. You will then be presented with an option to pay by card online or through a wire transfer.

Future Market Insights also accepts purchase orders and also provides all necessary details for vendor registration. On the agreed delivery date, the report is dispatched to the registered email ID.

Please note that except for purchase orders, FMI does not send the reports until payment is realized, or a proof of transaction is shared by the client. This is in accordance with our financial audit policies and our commitment to transparent financial reporting.

For reports that are already published and available in our repository, the delivery timeline is 24 to 48 hours. Before reports are dispatched to the client, they go through a stringent quality check process. After the go-ahead from our quality check team, the research report is dispatched to the client.

For upcoming reports, we already published a tentative time of when the report will be available. Usually, the timeline of publication of such reports is 1-2 months. However, we understand that clients may have immediate requirements, and based on mutual discussion, we offer the best possible timeframe for such reports.

All FMI reports are available in PDF and PPT format – a spreadsheet with all market numbers is also provided to clients. Although electronic mode remains the preference for majority of our clients, we can also send a hard copy of the report.

The charges for shipping a hard copy of the report vary across locations, and the charge is usually added to the invoice of the report. The business development representative will provide you all the details regarding the shipping charges.

About Report and Post-sales

Considering the nature of the product, we regret to inform that we do not offer any refund on the reports once dispatched to the client. However, we are committed to address client queries in a time-bound and fair manner.

If the rare scenario that you are not satisfied with the report and seek a refund, we will get down to addressing your concerns and making any amendments to the report that you deem necessary.

We are not rigid in our approach, and may send revised versions incorporating changes as per your expectation. Although we are ready to go beyond the originally agreed upon, pre-purchase scope of the report, we are also bound by limitations. Any customization to the report that is outside the realm of the scope that was agreed upon may incur additional charges. Your rep will transparently explain all the options to you.

FMI reserves the right to terminate the contract if you receive a report and fail to make the payment in the stipulated timeframe. In such an event, FMI can serve a notice to cease the use of the report or delete/return the said report.

FMI is committed to addressing all post-sales queries you may have. Our analysts are available to take your feedback once you receive the report, and make changes you deem appropriate.

However, the post-sales rework/revision is governed by a fair usage policy, and we request all clients to raise such a request within 10 days of receiving the report. This is in tandem with our internal resource scheduling and allocation process, as our consultants move to a new project

Creating a market research report is a complex, diligent activity that entails thorough planning and preparation. Once you order a report with us, we are on the move very quickly. Due to any reason if you are no longer interested in the report, the terms and conditions of the payment will still apply.

As the consultants have already worked on the report, and their work hours have been billed, FMI reserves the right to receive payment even if you are no longer interested.

In certain cases, where you change your mind within 24 hours of ordering the report, a level of flexibility may be offered. But this flexibility is on the discretion of the representative and his/her discretion will be final in such cases.

If you make a payment and express your disinterest within 24 hours, a credit note of equal/lower value may be issued. This again will be at the discretion of the rep and management of FMI.

About Pricing

Until not explicitly specified, the prices mentioned on our website are for global market analysis. FMI is committed to providing market research at affordable pricing. The pricing of our reports is aligned with this commitment.

The report price structure is based upon the complexity of the task, the number of consultants who were/will be engaged in report creation, primary interview & survey costs, and secondary research costs.

Custom projects are priced differently, and costing for such is discussed confidentially with the client.

Depending upon the number of users who need to access the report, you can choose among individual, corporate, and enterprise license. Below is the pricing and feature of these license types.

Type Report Price Accessibility Format
Individual License $5,000 One user access PDF Only
Corporate License $7,500 Up to 10 users access PDF (Printable + Data in Excel Sheet)
Enterprise License $10,000 Any number of users PDF (Printable + Data in Excel Sheet)

If the number of users is more than one but less than ten, a flexible pricing option can be provided to you by FMI’s business development rep.

Although FMI recommends global reports due to the interconnectedness of markets and relative influences, we understand that clients have varied or limited requirements.

Upon establishing feasibility that report accuracy will not be compromised, FMI does offer clients an option to extrapolate certain sections of the report. You can discuss the unique requirements with our business development rep and research specialist who will suggest the best option for you – in terms of both scope and pricing.