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The Rise of Intelligent Packaging

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On Nov 18th Future Market Insights hosted a talk show with thought leaders from the Packaging Industry on ‘The Rise of Intelligent Packaging’.

  • What were the top takeaways

    • For Intelligent Packaging this is the NETFLIX moment in Entertainment Business as a value creator and a sustainable solution provider
    • It is a product branding strategy, a way for brands to communicate to their buyers
    • Why is the need to push Intelligent Packaging mainstream? Some food for thought - pharmaceutical drugs worth USD 32 Bn is wasted annually due to temperature abuse, Billions ill spent due to food waste. This could be the answer to such global challenges
    • During the session, we looked at Intelligent Packaging that interacts with the product, interacts with the buyer, and one that enables the Circular Economy
    • Implementation has already begun - be it an NFC enabled package, temperature controlled packaging for drugs, sensors communicating with buyers, active packaging inserts or fillers, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality enabled which in itself will be a different experience altogether
    • While most of these are mainstream today, the rest will gain commercialization and market acceptance by 2025
    • Intelligent Packaging that is also sustainable
      • Ken Chrisman, President of Beverages at Graham Packaging spoke about HolyGrail 2.0 project - initiated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and facilitated by AIM – European Brands Association. Its objective is to prove the viability of digital watermarking technologies for accurate sorting and higher quality recycling. He also spoke about the reinforced brand promise of Graham Packaging towards Packaging for the Circular Economy and how they are enabling this
      • A strong closing statement by Robert Lilienfeld, Executive Director at SPRING – ‘We can call a packaging truly Intelligent when we have another dimension of its connectivity - if it can communicate with the device where it is stored, the refrigerator for instance’
    • And we at Future Market Insights cannot help thinking - could ‘Internet of Packaging’ be the next reality!?
    • Stay tuned for our next Packaging talk show. Details coming soon!


Ismail Sutaria

Ismail Sutaria

Packaging Consultant,

Future Market Insights shares quantifiable insights
Ken Chrisman

Ken Chrisman

President Beverages,

Graham Packaging
Robert Lilienfeld

Robert Lilienfeld

Executive Director at SPRING,

The Sustainable Packaging Research,Information, and Networking Group


Aditi Basu

Aditi Basu

Chief of Marketing,

Future Market Insights

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