Chemicals and Materials

Chemicals and Materials Industry Analysis

The chemicals and materials industry forms the axis of other industries such as construction, transportation, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics, healthcare, utilities, and oil and gas.

This makes it imperative for players in the chemicals and materials industry to continuously stay ahead of the next new wave of innovation. The chemicals and materials sector is facing increasing competition and product commoditisation issues. Challenges such as urbanisation, rise of emerging markets, and broadening of product/service offerings influence this industry’s dynamics.

FMI’s expertise in this industry provides key insights that lend a competitive advantage – on time and on target.


Major industries such as pharmaceutical, construction, textile, and food and beverages rely heavily on the chemicals industry – one of the oldest in the world and highly fragmented in nature. The global chemicals industry produces specialty chemicals, green chemicals, bulk chemicals, agro chemicals, chemical additives, organic chemicals, bio-based chemicals, industrial gases, specialty gases, and petrochemicals.

Over the past decade, the chemicals industry has had to grapple with key challenges such as carbon-emission policies, stringent government regulations, and rising cost of resources. FMI’s sector expertise in the chemicals industry helps businesses address these challenges with the latest intelligence on the market. Apart from research insights, FMI delivers valuable recommendations to adapt amidst the shifting regulations to optimise production cost.


Players in the global materials market need to be highly responsive to shifting consumer trends. By addressing the changing demands of consumers, companies can take advantage of the emerging opportunities. In addition, companies need to provide offerings that conform to current regulatory policies.

Future Market Insights’ (FMI) services span a range of auxiliary sectors of the materials industry such as fastening, plating, processing, curing, coating, and grinding. Our research reports deliver existing and future trends affecting various segments of the materials industry such as glass, metals and alloys, plastics and polymers, fibers, biodegradable materials, composites, non-materials, and lightweight materials. Equipped with the latest market intelligence, businesses can take informed decisions and take advantage of these emerging trends.