Metagenomics Market

Metagenomics Market: Rising Prominence of Metagenomics in Healthcare to Bolster Growth: Global Industry Analysis (2013-2017) and Opportunity Assessment (2018-2028)

Leading Players Account for the Bulk of the Market Share

The metagenomics market remains highly consolidated with leading players accounting for almost 60% of the market share. Prominent market players continue to focus on new product launches and mergers and acquisitions to expand their product portfolio. For instance, NeuMoDx announced a strategic partnership with Qiagen where both parties agreed to work on the development of fully-integrated diagnostic testing kits.

Additionally, an increasing number of companies are collaborating with one another to concentrate on research and development in the area. Prominent market players continue to work towards expanding their network to developing countries while building up additional infrastructure to boost production.

Efficacy of Metagenomics in the Diagnosis and Prediction of Diseases to Boost Growth

An array of novel researches discussing the potentiality of metagenomics in healthcare allude to the opening of pathways to new opportunities. For instance, various scientific communities are studying the application of metagenomics in the management of infectious diseases diagnostics while other researchers are focusing on leveraging metagenomics to derive a relationship between genes and susceptibility to diseases.

Other studies focusing on using genome pool analysis for gene discovery and effective diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases are gradually progressing towards determining the use of metagenomics in various healthcare applications.

The growing number of researches focusing on the use of metagenomics in healthcare is expected to bolster metagenomics market growth. In addition to this, increasing consumer awareness about genetic disorders is gradually influencing the global population to opt for tests that employ the use of metagenomics which is further expected to fuel the growth of the market.

Development of Cost-effective and Innovative Bioinformatics Tools Propelling Market Penetration

Advancements in technology have bolstered the growth of bioinformatics tools which are an amalgamation of algorithms, statistics, mathematics, and metagenomics. The combined use of these resources is expected to drive the growth of the metagenomics market offering accurate and efficient diagnostic tools for research and development in the area.

Robust development in the area saw the introduction of microarrays which is steadily growing in prominence and is expected to become the fastest growing diagnostic segments in the metagenomics market.

The increased sales of microarrays and growing scope of their application is prompting leading players to venture into the manufacturing of the bioinformatics tool. Increasing investments in manufacturing of bioinformatics are expected to open up new avenues towards the development of cost-effective and affordable tools.

In addition to bioinformatics, companies continue to focus on developing new and innovative techniques to expand product portfolio and increase revenue generation. Novel sequencing techniques and development of 3D metagenomics are some of the key advancements that are expected to contribute to the metagenomics market proliferation.

Increasing Efforts to Control Environmental Toxicology to Boost Demand

Metagenomics plays a crucial role in bioremediation which is the use of naturally occurring or artificially introduced microorganisms to break down the environmental pollutants to reduce environment toxicology substantially. Metagenomics plays a key role in bioremediation and supplies the necessary genetic information vital to developing effective treatment methods that could help in substantially reducing the volume of contaminants present in the environment.

Rising concerns regarding sustainability and pollution are causing governments around the world to invest heavily in projects aimed at tackling pollution and toxicology which, in turn, is expected to boost metagenomics market growth.

Intensifying Investments in Genome Projects to Contribute to Market Growth

New and upcoming genome projects are expected to uphold metagenomics market growth allowing researchers to work on creating novel databases for information. Additionally, an increasing number of countries are investing in the development of their own genome projects. For instance, Australia is currently working towards leveraging metagenomics to sequence genes from patients with cancer and other rare diseases to improve the quality of healthcare provided in the country.

Metagenomics Market – Competitive Landscape

The report on the metagenomics market offers a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape prevalent in the market. The section sheds light on the key players operating in the metagenomics market and includes valuable insights about their strategies, product portfolio, revenue share, market presence, global footprint, and notable business developments.

Some of the leading players operating in the metagenomics market include Trivitron Healthcare, Bio-Rad laboratories, Illumina Inc., Qiagen, Perkin Elmer Inc., Infobio, Thermo Fisher Scientific, EliTech Group, Danaher, Takara Bio Inc., and Oxford Nanopore Technologies.  

Metagenomics Market – Definition

Metagenomics is a set of tools that aid in monitoring the processes of a complete microbial community. The tools sample the genetic material recovered from the environment the microbial community is present in and analyse it to return valuable information. It aims at the analysis of genetic information and study of various metabolic pathways that exist in a microbial community.

Metagenomics is leveraged to find novel innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical industry and for curbing environmental pollution. The three significant categories of metagenomics products include sample extraction kits, metagenomic sequencing kits, and library preparation kits.

Metagenomics Market – About the Report

The report on the metagenomics market offers an in-depth analysis of the metagenomics market which includes a detailed analysis of the market in the recent past in addition to an authentic and accurate forecast of the market. A comprehensive opportunity assessment along with a detailed assessment of various micro and macroeconomic facets such as drivers, threats, challenges, and restraints have been propounded in the report.

Metagenomics Market – Additional Questions Answered

Apart from the aforementioned insights, the report on metagenomics market answers the following key questions that can aid stakeholders and business professionals in streamlining their market strategy to gain maximum profitability:

  • What lucrative opportunities will be on offer in the North American and European metagenomics market?
  • What are the key strategies being used by prominent market players to consolidate their position in the metagenomics market?
  • What are the daunting challenges in the way of metagenomics market growth?
  • What are the key regulations that will influence metagenomics market growth?

Metagenomics Market – Research Methodology

A robust and elaborate research methodology was employed during the compilation of the report. The metagenomics market was assessed on the basis of demand and supply. The method of triangulation was used to accurately determine the size of the market in terms of value and volume. A bottom-up approach was used to gather insights about the market for specific countries and regions.

A thorough analysis of country-wise data was done to produce an accurate estimated of the global metagenomics market size. A two-step research methodology involving primary and secondary researches was used to draw an accurate forecast of the metagenomics market. 

Metagenomics Market – Segmentation

On the basis of product type

  • sample extraction kits
  • metagenomics sequencing kits
  • library preparation kits

On the basis of application

  • bioremediation
  • microbial diversity
  • antibiotics production
  • clinical diagnostics
  • biosurfactants

On the basis of end-use industry

  • hospitals
  • academics and research
  • pharmaceutical industries
  • research laboratories
  • others
    • emergency services
    • clinics.

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