Octabins Market

Octabin Market: Food Industry Will Continue To Drive Production Sales through 2026: Global Industry Analysis (2012 - 2016) & Opportunity Assessment (2017 - 2026)

  • 2018-03-14
  • REP-GB-3674
  • 170 pages
 Octabins Market

An Incisive, In-depth Analysis on the Octabins Market

This study offers a comprehensive, 360 degree analysis on the Octabins market, bringing to fore insights that can help stakeholders identify the opportunities as well as challenges. It tracks the global Octabins market across key regions, and offers in-depth commentary and accurate quantitative insights. The study also includes incisive competitive landscape analysis, and provides key recommendations to market players on winning imperatives and successful strategies.

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Packaging solutions for bulk cargo are gaining fast acceptance across the globe, and players involved in rigid packaging are introducing different modifications to their bulk packaging solutions. This has spurred the use of octabins to store and carry free flowing products and several granular products. Transformation of the packaging industry over years have introduced variety of packaging designs and shapes to accommodate different types of material and variety of goods.

The global market for octabins is expected to grow at a steady pace during the period of forecast. End use industries are adopting octabins owing to their “higher weight per volume” capacity coupled with reduced costs associated with the packaging and transportation. Other aspects that are pushing the use of octabins in several end use industries include ease in handling and stacking and better bulk resistance.

According to Future Market Insights, global octabins market is expected to soar at a CAGR of 5.4% throughout the period of forecast, 2017-2026.

Players involved in manufacturing of octabins are targeting Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region with a view to enhance their hold in the Asian market. They are also investing in research and development to develop octabins with additional features. To name a few companies, Smurfit Kappa, DS Smith, Mondi Group, IBC International, International Paper, Europac and Rondo Ganahl AG are the key players involved in the global octabins market.

Sales of Standard Octabins to Reach a Significant Value in the Coming Years

Basically used to ship and transport variety of bulky goods, use of standard octabins in storage and transportation of food products and consumer goods has been increasing owing to their flexibility, higher storage capacity, and safety they provide. Increasing adoption in the chemical industry is also expected to spur the sales of this type of octabins in the coming years. Standard octabins provide excellent resistance against external forces such as strain and temperature owing to their triple wall or double wall structure.

The use of standard octabins is extended to shipping of materials for recycling purposes. The sale of standard octabins has been high since past years owing to these characteristics and is estimated to reach a value of over US$ 125 Mn by the end of the year of assessment (2026). On the other hand, the adoption of free flow base octabins is rising at a stellar rate. These octabins offer advantages such as convenience in unloading the material from the base of the octabin and the material is allowed to flow in a controlled manner. These are typically used to carry various bulky consumer goods.

Sale of Octabins to Ship Food Items to Surpass US$ 200 Mn by End of Analysis Period

Octabins, being carriers of bulky material, are largely used to ship food items such as vegetables and dry products. Increasing use of octabins in storage of food products has influenced manufacturers to upgrade their current product offerings with additional features such as free flow base and base discharge which can enhance the convenience of emptying the bulk box in a much controlled manner consequently avoiding the loss of food material during the process of unloading. Another aspect fuelling the sales of octabins in this industry is the availability of octabins with different shapes and sizes based on the food product they ship. This has spurred the adoption of octabins in the food industry, thus pushing its sales to reach a significant value over the coming years.

Use of Customized Octabins is Expected to Rise Nine Years Down the Line

Octabin manufacturers provide standard as well as customized octabins. Based on the type and nature of the product they are used for and the capacity to be transported or stored, manufacturers have introduced octabins of varying specifications. Customized octabins are largely preferred choice of end use industries as they can choose between different octabin options for shipping their products. On the other hand, standard octabins come in one size and are used to transport a particular type of product. Consequently, customized octabins are expected to witness a promising future with a high demand from end users.

APEJ to be the Most Lucrative Region for Octabins?

Octabin manufacturers have been targeting Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region as it holds higher business potential. The packaging industry in APEJ has witnessed a robust growth due to presence of various end use industries in the region. Countries such as India and China are poised to shape the future of octabins in the coming years. Several pharmaceutical companies in India are using octabins for storage and shipping of their products offering high growth potential for octabin manufacturers. Moreover, logistics industry in APEJ region is expected to witness a boom with stabilising economic condition.

Rapid developments have been taking place in Asian countries which has increased the attractiveness of the region especially for the manufacturing sector, as a result pushing the demand for octabins in the coming years. According to research, APEJ octabin market is projected to expand at a higher pace as compared to other regions during the forecast period.

Use of octabins has extended from shipping of food and beverages to transportation of various chemicals owing to the effective bulk handling they offer. Additionally, octabins, being available in different sizes and capacities, are largely used to transport agricultural produces that usually come in bulk quantities. This has spurred the use of octabins on a large scale since past several years, pushing its sales across the globe in different applications. The global market for octabins is expected to witness steady yet positive growth in the coming years and is driven by increasing adoption of various types of octabins. Moreover, trend of eco-friendly packaging is also expected to drive the growth of octabin market as they showcase 100 percent recyclability after use.

Persistence Market Research (PMR) uses a robust research methodology to carry out analysis on different markets. Extensive secondary research and in-depth primary research are the two main arms of this exquisite research process followed at PMR. The initiation of the research starts with gathering information with the help of secondary research with which key areas, regional players and other market facets are defined and further research is initiated. The information gathered from secondary research is used in primary interviews wherein each data point, each statistic and each insight gathered is cross checked.

This cross checking takes place multiple times as the primary research progresses thus taking the final data to a higher accuracy percentage. Data crunching and analysis thus performed undergoes several validation levels and with the assistance of a triangulation method, the insight pertaining to every segment and sub segment of the market from a global as well as regional standpoint is obtained and is systematically presented in the research report.

Complete market intelligence delivered

The octabins market research report by PMR portrays a global view of the market considering every angle that plays a vital role in the growth of the market. Analysis on various regions worldwide presents a solid data with which octabin market scenario in different countries is gauged that can support the reader in making wise investment decisions with respect to strategy as well as creating a global footprint. The market research report on octabins delivers value by presenting an unbiased opinion about the market that is obtained through extreme scrutiny and strong data gleaning.

Weighted statistics, analysis, numbers, graphical representations and a year on year analysis with respect to value estimations and sales of octabins across regions is covered in this analytical research report. This will enable the reader to take cognisant decisions with the assistance of well-researched insights. Future market trends and opportunities along with segmental forecasts for a period of nine years is also included in this research report, thus providing much needed ammunition to the reader to devise and implement strategies.

Market Segmentation


Product Type

End Use


  • North America

  • Standard octabins

  • Food industry

  • Standard

  • Latin America

  • Base discharge octabins

  • Consumer Goods

  • Customized

  • Europe

  • Self-assembly octabins

  • Chemical industry


  • Japan

  • Telescopic octabins

  • Others


  • APEJ

  • Free flow base octabins



  • MEA




 Detailed competitive assessment covered

The research report on global octabin market covers analysis on several major players involved in the manufacturing of octabins. It included detailed analysis on the market share, revenue share, different growth strategies applied, distribution channel analysis, SWOT, expansion in different geographies, product portfolio study, pricing analysis and marketing strategies of key players. Such an intelligence framework can be used to formulate appropriate strategies with a view to gain competitive edge in the forthcoming years. 

Report Highlights

  • Extensive market analysis at a regional as well as global level

  • Detailed market segmentation covering all market angles

  • Past data analysis, current market position along with nine year future market projections and highlights included

  • 24x7 research support extended to our clients

  • In-depth completion dashboard enclosed in the study

  • Unbiased and higher accuracy research insights on octabin market portraying a 3600 view of the global market

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