Outpatient Clinics Market

Outpatient Clinics Market: Cardiology Specialty Area to Dominate the Global Market in Terms of Revenue: Global Industry Analysis (2012 - 2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017 - 2022)


The outpatient clinics has continued to play a significant role in management of the cognitive behavioral disorders. High-risk situations such as substance abuse, sexual offence, depression, obesity and obsessive-compulsive behavior is becoming a major concern in various countries. Management of high-risk situations has led to increasing number of outpatient clinics globally.

Therapists in the outpatient clinics are adopting measures to prevent and identify the cognitive behavioral disorders. Growing need for relapse prevention and management is expected to contribute towards growth of the global outpatient clinics market during the forecast period.

According to Future Market Insights, the global outpatient clinics market is expected to represent a value of over US$ 39,000 Mn by the end of 2022.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction to Fuel Demand

With more number of people in grip of alcohol addiction and drugs, the need for rehab centers continue to increase. Outpatient rehabs allows the patient to live at home during the alcohol or drug rehabilitation program. In addition, treatment at the outpatient rehabs is comparatively cheaper than the inpatient and residential treatments.

With the growing need for treatment of alcohol addiction problem, demand for outpatient clinics is expected to increase in the global market. 

Healthcare Insurance to Impact Market Growth

Maintenance of employee health is increasingly becoming important to keep them working. Organizations are increasingly offering their employees’ health insurance benefits in order to ensure that good health of the employees while working. Provision of health insurance to the employees is further expected to impact growth of the global market during the forecast period.

In addition, regulations such as Patient Care Affordable Act and the Health Care and Educational Reconciliation Act has further established exchanges that offer access to the private health insurance and provides the citizens of America with public health coverage. A recent trend witnessed among the private insurance companies is that they are focusing on negotiating with the outpatient clinics for enhanced payment and services offered.

Technological Advancements to Underscore Significant Opportunities

Advanced medical technology has also led to therapies and drugs that have enabled the procedures, medical tests and therapies without the need for lengthy stays in the night. Prevalence of chronic diseases will continue to rev up demand for immediate treatment and services.

Demand for the outpatient clinic services will continue to gain momentum bound to growing need for immediate treatment and convenience to the healthcare providers and patients. Benefits such as cheaper establishment and the operational costs of the outpatient clinics is further expected to propel growth of global outpatient clinic market.

On the other hand, stringent regulatory framework and lack of doctors to treat the patients continues to remain a major factor inhibiting growth of the global market. In addition, development of the healthcare sector in various developing countries is further likely to impact demand for the outpatient clinics negatively.

As the outpatient clinics do not admit the patients, the risks of getting addicted again and being exposed to drugs or alcohol continues to remain high. Access to the counselor is expected to remain limited as compared to the inpatient and residential facility. 

Multi-Specialty Centers to Represent a Leading Segment

With the growing need for various treatments, demand for multi-specialty center will continue to increase. On the basis of center type, the multi-specialty center segment is expected to generate significant revenues, accounting for a value of over US$ 8,400 Mn by the end of 2022. The multi-specialty center segment is expected to register the highest CAGR throughout the forecast period.

Based on specialty type, the cardiology segment is expected to witness significant revenue growth, recording a value of over US$ 3,000 Mn by the end of 2022. The dermatology specialty areas segment is expected to register a robust CAGR during the forecast period.

Competition Tracking

Leading market players operating in the global outpatient clinics market include M D Anderson Cancer Center, Kaiser Permanente Inc., Memorial Sloan Kettering, Mayo Clinic, DaVita Inc., University of Maryland Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Cleveland Clinic and Fresenius Medical Care.

Global Outpatient Clinics Market: Segmentation

On the basis of center type, the global market is segmented as

  • single specialty centers
  • multi-specialty centers
  • diagnostics
  • surgical.

Based on specialty areas, the global market is segmented as

  • cardiology
  • orthopedics
  • gastroenterology
  • dental
  • ophthalmology
  • urology
  • neurology
  • dermatology
  • others.

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Outpatient Clinics Market