As-is Analysis

As-is Analysis - Better Visibility of the Market Environment

Current-state analysis enables enterprises to identify and choose the most favourable prevalent market opportunities. An as-is analysis provides a clear assessment of a business and defines its potential consumers, forecast growth, and competitors. This helps an enterprise fine-tune its business strategy.

Future Market Insights provides an aerial view of the current market scenario by employing a variety of current-state analysis tools. These include

  • 5C Analysis: FMI’s 5C analysis provides a systematic study of the 5 C’s – company, collaborators, customers, competitors, and climate.We examine the product line, technology and experience, image, culture, and goals of an organisation.
  • SWOT Analysis: SWOT analysis scrutinises the current and future situation of the market to keep clients equipped for varied potential scenarios
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis: Porter’s five forces framework analyses: threat from new entrants, threat from substitutes, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, and competitive rivalry. It establishes the most salient forces that determine competitive intensity.

FMI’s suite of as-is analysis tools presents a clear assessment of the current market scenario. This can be leveraged as a powerful tool by firms to sharpen their strategy.