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Social Media Information and Insights

Overview Social media presents a great opportunity to businesses to connect with their target audience. Consumers are using social media to talk about their needs and wants, likes and dislikes, and these online conversations present a wealth of information that businesses can leverage to their advantage.

Social Media Information and Insights


Social media presents a great opportunity to businesses to connect with their target audience. Consumers are using social media to talk about their needs and wants, likes and dislikes, and these online conversations present a wealth of information that businesses can leverage to their advantage.

Social media research refers to the practice of analysing and extracting data from social media channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest through a set of tools and techniques in order to understand, monitor, and track consumer behaviour.

How can Social Media Research Help Your Business?

  • Social media research can provide you key insights on the flow of information in different regions, markets, communities, and channels.
  • Social media research can help you identify consumer behaviour, including opinions, preferences, and attitudes in real-time.
  • Social media research can help you gauge consumer sentiment during an episodic event, such as the launch of a new product or a government ruling.
  • Social media research can provide you information on which products or services will have a better adoption rate in the market.

Our Services

At Future Market Insights, we believe that social media research can help businesses make better strategic decisions. Our highly skilled and experienced team of social media researchers gains insights on consumer behaviour by analysing the consumers’ use of social media.

Future Market Insights provides a host of social media research solutions geared toward giving clients a better understanding of social media trends and conversations. These social community insights prove invaluable before, during, and after social marketing campaigns.

We deliver social media insights that can translate into profitable actions. FMI’s social media research benefits businesses by:

  • Providing search-based social media monitoring
  • Tracking trending topics
  • Analysing the marketing campaign’s performance
  • Providing comprehensive text and sentiment analysis
  • Providing consumer attitude and behavioural analysis
  • Creating dashboards to monitor social media information
  • Curating content that can be shared on social media

We specialise in using analysis and high-quality research to provide our clients with a better understanding of social media trends and conversations.

FMI provides three core social media research services – monitoring, analysis, and reporting.

  • Monitoring

    FMI conducts real-time research to uncover social media insights. We establish benchmarks and strategies for our clients by deploying valuable end-user data. Employing FMI’s social media monitoring data equips clients with insights, powerful metrics for different segments, and strategic direction.

  • Analysis

    FMI’s robust analytics measure the success of an enterprise’s social media marketing campaigns. We determine how the campaign affects social conversations and how these discussions can be transformed to create real business value. Additionally, FMI analyses how social media marketing complements an enterprise’s traditional marketing efforts.

  • Reporting

    FMI helps save valuable time by diving deep into social media data to deliver quick and efficient social media insights. We focus on areas that competitors are lacking in. FMI offers reports that align with the organisational needs of a client. Apart from competitor research, we provide campaign analysis, brand tracking, and event performance.

Case Study

The increasing reach of social media websites has presented businesses with a wonderful opportunity of understanding the behaviour of their target audience. More than 2 billion users are active on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google +. The conversations on these platforms present a wealth of data that can be used to analysethe needs, wants, and opinions of consumers.

For businesses, analysing social media sentiment is of paramount importance. Consumer behaviour can be really volatile and therefore, it becomes all the more important to keep track of the conversations happening on social media about your product, brand, or the overall industry.

Future Market Insights (FMI) offers high-quality social media research services that provides businesses key insights on how their target audience perceives their brand, products, and services.Our insightful analysis provides effective trend analysis and fast tracks your viral marketing campaigns.

How our Social Media Research Helped a Prominent Food & Beverage Company Gauge Consumer Sentiment about its New Product

Client Requirement

Our client, a global food and beverage company wanted to gauge consumer sentiment about its new, introductory product. As one of the leading names in the food and beverage industry, the client knew its customers were quite vocal about what they liked or disliked about the brand and its offerings.

The client wanted to know the perception of consumers about its new product. The client understood that consumers would turn to social media channels to voice their opinion about the product and this presented an opportunity to understand the review of the product.

The Solution

Future Market Insights thoroughly analysed and monitored over 65,000 mentions about the product and the brand in the period December 2014 to January 2015 through our in-house social media research tools.

We provided the client with key findings on the conversations around the product, including:

  • Total mentions about theproduct and brand
  • Overall sentiment across various social media platforms
  • Social media platform on which most conversations took place
  • Regions, countries, and cities where most of the consumers were located
  • Personal interests and hobbies of the consumers

Dominant Social Media Platforms Analysis

Future Market Insights’ in-house social media research tools provided key insights on what the consumers thought about the product. The research revealed that more than 80% of mentions happened on Twitter. Facebook was the other key social media platform with over 10% of mentions. 

Overall Sentiment Analysis

An analysis of the social media conversations revealed that 81% of mentions about the product were positive, whereas only 12% of mentions were negative. The percentage of neutral mentions was around 7%.

Key Region Analysis 

Our social media research found that over 70% of total mentions originated from North America. The USA was the key region as far as volume of mentions was concerned. Europe was the other prominent region with 12% of total mentions. The rest of the mentions about the product were from users based in Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East. These regions were segmented as “Others”, and accounted for over 25% of the mentions.

Time of Day Analysis

Our social media research provided the client key insights about the time at which consumer interest was the highest about the product. Our research revealed that the level of interest was highest between 11 AM to 2 PM and 6 PM to 9 PM, with over 50% of mentions occurring during these intervals. This was the time that most users consumed the product and shared their opinions on social media platforms.


FMI’s social media research helped the client make key strategic decisions, including launching the product on a massive scale in the key regions. Our research also helped the client understand the reasons for the negative mentions about the brand and ways in which these could be addressed. Moreover, our time of day analysis helped the client schedule its social media posts strategically to garner maximum engagement from the target audience.


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