Opportunity Assessment

Enhance your Market Strategy with Opportunity Assessment

Identifying the right opportunity is integral to creating a fail-safe strategy for the launch of new products or when entering new markets. Future Market Insights’ market opportunity assessment solutions help businesses find new opportunities and validate their viability in dynamic global and regional markets.

Market opportunity assessment services
We perform in-depth market segmentation and forecasting in relation to the client’s product/service offering, region, and target customers. FMI’s tailor-made market opportunity assessment solutions include

Market sizing research: We provide valuable information on the market size and determine which segment is willing to pay for the service/product in question

Market needs assessment: We advise on how a product or service offering can be tailored for a new market to ensure successful market entry

Value chain analysis: FMI maps out the client’s potential market and offers recommendations on the path of least resistance in the supply chain

Pricing strategy: We specialize in competitive pricing and price optimization studies that help clients succeed when launching products/services in a new market

FMI helps companies become more adaptable in a rapidly-changing and complex industry. Our market opportunity research solutions deliver an innovative market entry strategy, supported by a tactical action plan.