Presentation Support

Pitch-deck/Investor Presentation Services

We take the key strengths and offerings of your business and turn them into a winning pitch.

Future Market Insights’ presentation and graphics team creates high-quality presentations to effectively support our client’s requirement. We deliver multi-format content such as presentations, hand-drawn slides, spreadsheets, and infographics.

FMI specializes in

  • Designing and producing boilerplate templates, video content, and marketing collateral
  • Converting templates into new specifications
  • Executing custom layout and design requirements

Investor pitches/presentation support

Our investor-pitch development services go through four stages to deliver the best presentation support for clients

  1. Strategy: We conduct an in-depth analysis of key issues, market segmentation and opportunity sizing, product framework, consumer trends, competitors, and funding essentials to create a success strategy
  2. Messaging: FMI incorporates problem and solution analysis, demo explanation, positioning, and presentation and message coaching to deliver an efficient pitch
  3. Design: We design strategic visual elements using custom infographics, stunning photography and illustrations, and slide templates to complement our client’s requirement
  4. Output: FMI delivers a simple PowerPoint or an interactive presentation version that can be hosted online. Additionally, we provide print collateral and follow-up materials.

FMI distills the essence of the business plan into powerful messages. Our presentation/pitch-deck services will persuade potential investors to buy your story.