Instrument Calibrator Market

Instrument Calibrator Market: Integration Emerging as the Future: Global Industry Analysis (2013 - 2018) and Forecast (2019 - 2027)

Top 3 Factors Shaping the Instrument Calibrator Market

Presence of prominent manufacturers in key regions is boosting the market

The availability of instrument calibrators, such as temperature, pressure, and electrical calibrators, due to the adequate presence of prominent manufacturers in key regions is significantly boosting the instrument calibrator market. Rapid growth in various industries, such as pharmaceutical, automobile, aerospace, electronics, and defence, in the recent years is creating opportunities for manufactures to capture a significant share of the instrument calibrators market. Manufacturers provide a wide range of instrument calibrators as per the requirements of various industries.

Frequent use in the pharmaceutical industry is significantly driving the market

In the pharmaceutical industry, various pharmaceutical products, such as drugs, medical devices, and diagnostic test kits, need to be tested as per the stringent guidelines for the same. Testing equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry requires regular calibration testing to ensure its proper functioning.

The frequent calibration testing of various pharmaceutical equipment, such as medical testing devices, weather stations, thermistors, and furnaces, requires various calibrators such as temperature, pressure, and electrical calibrators. The growing pharmaceutical industry and the frequent use of calibrators in this industry is boosting the instrument calibrator market.

Mandatory calibration testing in industries is propelling the instrument calibrator market

Industries, such as automobile, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, and defence, require a variety of testing equipment for daily operations. The proper functioning of this testing equipment is essential to carry out various operations. The mandatory calibration testing of this testing equipment as per the regulations is also boosting the instrument calibrator market. Calibrators, such as electrical, pressure, and temperature calibrators, are frequently used in various industries for the calibration testing process.

Instrument Calibrator Market Structure Analysis

  • Top companies in the instrument calibrator market include Yogokawa Test & Measurement Corporation, Fluke Corporation, AMETEK Inc., and General Electric
  • While most of the key players maintain a strategic focus on the Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa markets, the report underlines that technological developments will be a significant developmental strategy for manufacturers
  • Leading players in the instrument calibrator market are also concentrating on expanding the trend of adopting portable instrument calibrators, whereas cost-effectiveness will remain a strong variation strategy
  • Some of the key players in the instrument calibrator market are Star Instruments Ltd, Additel, OMEGA Engineering Inc., PRINT & TEMPERATURE Leitenberger GmbH, Calmet, Time Electronics, WIKA, Isothermal Technology Limited, Extech Instruments, and Beamex Oy Ab.

Instrument Calibrator – Uptake of The Essentiality for Regular Calibration

Regularity of instrument calibration continues to be an essential aspect among fabrication and manufacturing industries, wherein minute errors translate into massive blunders that impact the entire project. Standardization of calibration intervals for industry instruments and equipment by authorities such as the world meteorological organization (WMO) continue to buoy demand for instrument calibrators.

Market Set to Grow 1.6X between 2019 and 2027

Instrument calibrators witnessed sustained traction, as stringent regulations on quality and protective maintenance continue to advocate their essentiality. Gains remain underpinned by greater frequency of using instrument calibrators in the pharmaceutical and electronics sector, wherein chances of errors are influenced by multi-faceted aspects.

Emerging Markets – Goldmine of Opportunity

Spending on industrial infrastructure continues on an upward spiral in emerging economies, particularly in the pharmaceutical, electronics and aerospace industries. This has created a wave pool of opportunities for instrument calibrator manufacturers as well as service providers in these markets.

Tracing Future Trajectory of Growth

Fast permeation of Industry 4.0 has influenced developments in the instrument calibrators, with the integration of sensors that enable digitalization of these equipment. As automation spreads like a wildfire across industry sectors, particularly in developed markets, it is highly likely that future of maintenance will incline more toward digital and so will the calibration processes associated with instruments.

Key Segment

By Product

  • Temperature calibrator
  • Electrical Calibrator
  • Pressure calibrator
  • Others

By Modularity

  • Benchtop
  • Portable

By End Use

  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedical
  • Industrial & automotive
  • Food and Beverage
  • Aerospace & Defense


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • APEJ
  • MEA

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