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Royal Jelly Market Outlook (2023 to 2033)

The global Royal Jelly market is expected to reach a market valuation of USD 1,534.67 Million by the year 2023, accelerating with a CAGR of 4.3% by 2023 to 2033. Royal Jelly sales are likely to account for a part of the demand in the global fruits, jams and jelly market, valued at USD 2,338.093 Million in 2023.

Royal Jelly, just like honey is basically a secretion by honeybee, used in the nutrition of larvae and adult queens regardless of their sex. The royal jelly is secreted from the glands present in the head of the nurse bee and appear as a jelly-like liquid substance, possessing a spicy and acidic sweet taste, unlike honey.

The most common types of jellies and gummies have a maximum percentage of sugar, water, glucose syrup, and gelatine, which is used as a gelling agent.These royal jelly are rich in protein content that is crucial for the growth of the cells and reproduction. Compromised of 60%-70% water, 12%-15% proteins, 2%-3% vitamins & amino acids, and certain essential sugars and fatty acids, the royal jelly is rich in nutrient content and thus, acts as a beneficiary dietary supplement.

Attributes Details
Royal Jelly Market Size (2023E) USD 1,534.67 Million
Royal Jelly Market Projected Size (2033F) USD 2,338.093 Million
Value CAGR (2023 to 2033) 4.3%

Future Market Insights projects the market to remain lucrative, exhibiting growth at 4.3 % CAGR between 2023 and 2033 in comparison to the CAGR of 5.1% posted between 2019 and 2022.

The royal jelly is known to have medicinal actions owing to its varied properties and thus, used to cure allergies, catalyse the healing process of injuries, and to enhance the body immunity.

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How Do the Royal Jelly Market's Historic and Future Outlook Compare?

Royal Jelly sales grew at a CAGR of 5.1% between 2018 and 2022. The period marked the entry of various market players and product innovations.

The diverse medicinal actions of the royal jelly in treating asthma, fever, diabetes, infertility, liver problems, skin disorders and menopausal symptoms together with its applications in cosmetics, stimulate the market growth. Also, with the growing health awareness, increasing disposable income of consumers in the developing regions such as Asia Pacific, the rising development and advancement in processing technologies, and the rising use of e-commerce in distribution network have immense potential to drive the global market for royal jelly in the coming years.

On the other hand, the European Food Safety Authority and United States Food and Drug Administration sayings on royal jelly discouraging the consumption and sale of it owing to the lack of claims and evidence about the health benefits of royal jelly have potential to restrain the market growth of the royal jelly.

In addition, the royal jelly has certain side-effects as well, when taken above a specific limit, thus, causing allergies and certain other problems.

Royal Jelly Market: Drivers

The royal jelly market is driven by various factors, including such Health and Wellness Trends: Consumers are increasingly looking for natural and organic products, including health supplements that provide various benefits to their overall health and well-being. Royal jelly is believed to have several health benefits, including boosting the immune system, improving skin health, and reducing inflammation. This trend is driving the demand for royal jelly products.

Rising Consumer Awareness for royal jelly

With the availability of information on the internet and social media, consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of royal jelly. This increased awareness is leading to more demand for royal jelly products. Along with this use of royal jelly in cosmetics is also driving the growth of the royal jelly market. Royal jelly is believed to have anti-aging and skin-nourishing properties, making it a popular ingredient in skincare products.

Increasing Beekeeping Activities

Beekeepers are increasingly focusing on royal jelly production as it is one of the most valuable products that can be obtained from bees. This increase in beekeeping activities is leading to more availability of royal jelly, which is driving the growth of the royal jelly market.

Overall, the growing awareness of the health benefits of royal jelly, increasing demand in Asia, and its use in the cosmetic industry are the main drivers of the royal jelly market.

Nandini Roy Choudhury
Nandini Roy Choudhury

Principal Consultant

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Country Wise Insights

Region North America
Country United States
Value CAGR in % 5.1%
Value Market Share (2023) 31.8%
Region Europe
Country Germany
Value CAGR in % 4.8%
Value Market Share (2023) 22.5%
Region Asia Pacific
Country China
Value CAGR in % 4.2%
Value Market Share (2023) 21.4%
Region Asia Pacific
Country India
Value CAGR in % 3.3%
Value Market Share (2023) 11.6%
Region Asia Pacific
Country Japan
Value CAGR in % 4.0%
Value Market Share (2023) 7.0%

The Rise in Royal Jelly Market in Japan

According to FMI, Japan accounts for a 7% market share in the Royal Jelly market in 2023 and is expected to rise by a significant growth rate during the forecast period.

The increased consumption of convenience food is expected to surge sales. Japan is also meant for a trend wherein people spend time alone consuming quick meals. Such factors are expected to massively influence the demand for fruit jams, jellies, and preserves. Moreover, the high disposable income has led to increased consumption of premium jams and jellies which is expected to further fuel the market growth.

What is the outlook for the Royal Jelly market in Germany?

The Royal Jelly market in Germany is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecasted period.

Europe is mainly known for the consumption of royal jelly. An increase in health-conscious customers has led to the increased consumption of jams, jellies, and preserves. Unhealthy eating habits, in general, have become a cause of concern across Europe. The nutrient-rich royal jelly has piqued the consumer's interest as it is rich in asparagine and gamma globulins. Healthcare experts in Europe are recommending consumers have royal jelly as these aid in tissue development, strong immune response, and lots of other factors.

What factors are driving the Royal Jelly market in the United States?

According to FMI, the United States Royal Jelly market accounted for a market share of 31.8% of the North America Royal Jelly market in 2023, it’s expected to witness a lucrative growth rate over the forecast period.

As vegetarianism and veganism are soon likely to become mainstream lifestyles, consumption of gelatine-based jellies and gummies is expected to plummet in the upcoming years.

Taking into account the mounting number of vegan or vegetarian consumers in the world, leading manufacturers in the jellies and gummies market are replacing animal collagen with vegetable-based proteins and gelling agents in jellies.

Further, the players in the healthcare industry have enormous opportunities to grow in the royal jelly market owing to the easy availability and extraction of these from bees and its rising popularity accounting for its widespread applications.

Category wise Insights

Adjacent Markets Overview

Jellies and Gummies Market:

Attributes Jellies and Gummies Market
CAGR (2023 to 2033) 5.1%
Market Value (2033) US$ 5 Billion
Growth Factor Jellies and gummies are equally popular among kids as well as adults, which is the primary driver of the jellies and gummies market.
Opportunity Incremental growth parameters and modern trends in the candy industry are expected to create profitable opportunities for manufacturers in the jellies and gummies market in the foreseeable future.
Key Trends Growing prevalence of life-style diseases, such as diabetes and obesity, is exhorting consumers to shift to healthier eating habit, which may restrict consumption of jellies and gummies.

Fruit, Jams, Jellies & Preserves Market:

Attributes Fruit, Jams, Jellies & Preserves Market
CAGR (2023 to 2033) 5.4%
Market Value (2033) US$ 3.16 Billion
Growth Factor Surging demand for clean-label ingredients.
Opportunity The change in lifestyles has also led to increased consumption of ready-to-eat food. These foods generally make use of jams and preserves to enhance the taste and increase the shelf life.
Key Trends During this period, the usage of automation is expected to reduce manufacturing costs as labor can be put into other important aspects of the business.

Which segment of the global Royal Jelly market is performing well, based on product form?

Fresh royal jelly, royal jelly tablets and capsules, royal jelly in soft gel capsules, and various product forms can be used to segment the global market for royal jelly (including royal jelly in powder form and royal jelly in liquid form).

According to current market trends, royal jelly capsules and tablets are outperforming other product categories. This is because to a number of things, including the comfort and simplicity of use offered by capsules and tablets as well as their longer shelf life. Also, because they are frequently standardised to deliver a constant amount of active components per dose, customers frequently choose capsules/tablets over other forms of royal jelly.

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Competitive Landscape

Some of the market participants in the global Royal Jelly market identified across the value chain include NOW Health Group, Inc., Thompson Health, Swanson Vitamins, Durham's Bee Farm, Puritan’s Pride, Nu-Health Products, Y.S. Organic Bee Farms, Solgar Inc., Source Naturals, Inc.and Jiangshan Bee Enterprise among others.

Manufacturers in the jellies and gummies are adopting starch or pectin as a protein ingredient to replace gelatin in jellies and gummies to introduce innovative types in vegetarian or vegan jellies and gummies. With the increasing demand for vegetarian jellies and gummies, the use of vegetable- and fruit-based ingredients is likely to witness an upsurge in the upcoming years.

Scope of the Report

Attribute Details
Forecast Period 2023 to 2033
Historical Data Available for 2018 to 2022
Market Analysis USD Million for Value
Key Regions Covered North America; Latin America; Europe; East Asia; South Asia; the Middle East & Africa
Key Countries Covered United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Nordic, Russia, Poland, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, GCC countries, North Africa, South Africa, others.
Key Segments Covered Type, Application, Region
Key Companies Profiled Y.S. Organic Bee Farms; NOW Foods; NaturaNectar; Golden Hive; Durham's Bee Farm; Swanson Health Products; Bee Alive; API Health; Highland Beekeeping; King's Gelée Royale
Report Coverage Market Forecast, Company Share Analysis, Competition Intelligence, Drivers Restraints Opportunity Trends Analysis, Market Dynamics and Challenges, and Strategic Growth Initiatives
Customization & Pricing Available upon Request

Royal Jelly Market by Category

By Type:

  • Ordinary Plasma
  • High Yield Pulp

By Form:

  • Liquid
  • Capsules
  • Gel

By Application:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Healthcare
  • Cosmetics
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Others

By Region:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Middle East and Africa
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Oceania

Frequently Asked Questions

At what rate will the Royal Jelly Market grow?

Throughout the forecast period, the Royal Jelly Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3%

What are the key factors driving the Royal Jelly Market?

Consumers are increasingly looking for natural and organic products, including health supplements that provide various benefits to their overall health and well-being. Royal jelly is believed to have several health benefits, including boosting the immune system, improving skin health, and reducing inflammation. This trend is driving the demand for royal jelly products.

Which region(s) adds to the highest Royal Jelly Market Valuation?

Currently, North America is at the top of the market share of Royal Jelly.

Who are the key players in the Royal Jelly Market?

Some of the key players in the Royal Jelly Market include NOW Health Group, Inc., Thompson Health, Swanson Vitamins, Durham's Bee Farm, Puritan’s Pride, Nu-Health Products, Y.S. Organic Bee Farms, Solgar Inc., Source Naturals, Inc. and Jiangshan Bee Enterprise among others.

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