5 Benefits of Teleradiology Services

Published On : 2016-11-16

Technology is bliss undoubtedly. In an era, where hospitals are busy as ever, process of teleradiology is significantly helped hospitals to keep track of data. With innumerable cases pounding up per day, various hospitals lose track of all data related to patient. Due to which various hospitals have been increasingly witnessed to adopt teleradiology services. Teleradiology services is witnessed to be mainly utilized by various telemedicine companies, emergency care centers, and other clinics. For the purpose of quality interpretation, teleradiology is considered to be an excellent source of quality.


With application of teleradiology, patients and doctors can conveniently operate from different pockets of the world. Teleradiology services avail patients with treatment from various doctors globally. Owing to teleradiology services, patients are examined through a screen or television, through which they transmitted images of patient to be treated. Through analysis of these images and data received through transmission, doctors without the need of being in hospitals can conveniently operate or progress treatment of related patient.  This technology is witnessed to be increasingly embraced in various professions such as dermatology, ophthalmology, psychiatry and various others. Various medical practices along with innumerable hospitals are finding application of teleradiology services, which enables them to save money.

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Surge in chronic diseases such as orthopedic diseases, tumors and cancer are factors escalating demand for teleradiology services. Rising admittance in ambulatory surgical clinics and centers, excessive hospitalization and increasing old population further propel demand for teleradiology services. Such factors are projected to rev up growth of the global teleradiology services market in the coming years. Into the bargain, easily accessible technology in parallel to surge in consumer awareness pertaining to developing technology, is further estimated to contribute towards growth of the global teleradiology services market.

Conversely, upsurge in cost of technology and services related to teleradiology and scarcity of trained technicians and radiologists is anticipated to impede growth of the global teleradiology services market in the span of next ten years. Further, image transmission issues along with lack of awareness in developing economies are factors predicted to inhibit growth of the global teleradiology services market.


Besides various processes, certified reporting services process segment is expected to dominate the global teleradiology services market and account for 62.9% of value share in the coming years. Further, among various service types available to opt for, emergency nighthawk service type segment is projected to account for 31.6% revenue share in 2015 and dominate the global teleradiology services market in the near future. In dispersion of various end-users, the hospital pharmacies end user segment is predicted to account for 39.9% revenue share by 2016-end. Furthermore, besides various types of modality, computerized tomography (CT) scans modality segment is expected to register a CAGR of 23.6% by 2026-end. Conversely, in terms of region, the markets in the U.S. are projected to dominate the global teleradiology services market in the coming years. Whereas, EU5 is estimated to be second most lucrative market, with a market attractiveness index of 1.3 throughout the forecast period.

With the ever changing technology breaking traditional barriers of application and communication touching every aspect of various sectors, teleradiology is expected to witness a surge in application over the forecast period. Furthermore, teleradiology services enables various doctors and patients to keep track of their data and analyses pertaining to their treatment. Therefore the bliss of technology has equipped the healthcare sector, by introducing teleradiology services, which, in turn has enhanced various medical procedures and made it convenient for geriatric section of the population to access treatment and help.

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