Demand for High Octane Milk in Infant Food to Stimulate Production Sales of Colostrum

Aug 28,2018

Colostrum holds a number of nutrients that is highly beneficial for the purpose of development and growth of the newborn babies. Colostrum is considered as the very first food of babies. This food is exceptionally important compared to various other super-food available in the online markets and stores. The amazing properties of colostrum helps in nourishing and protecting babies during initial stages of their life. Infants have a small stomach that can intake only small amounts of food and colostrum is offered in considerably small amount.

The point to be noted is that concentration of the immune factors is considerably higher in the colostrum compared to mature milk. Most of all, colostrum is regarded as a natural as well as 100% safer vaccine.

Significant Benefits that Colostrum Offers to Newborns:

Easy to Digest:Experts across the medical fraternity are of the point of view that colostrum created son after the birth of child is custom-made that suits the requirements of babies. The notable point is that the colostrum offered to baby boys and girl are different form each other. It is produced in a way that it is easy for the delicate digestive systems of the babies to digest. Therefore, colostrum is regarded as the essential food for babies as it also holds sufficient nutrients that is needed and deserved by the infants.

Boosts Immunity of Infants:Colostrum holds significant number of nutrients, minerals and while blood cells as well. The notable point here is that all of these protects babies form contracting viral and bacterial infections. Apart from this, colostrum consists of special antibodies, which protects the newborns from infections such as ear infections, jaundice, pneumonia and bronchitis.

Promotes Healthy Growth & Development:Colostrum has been packed with cholesterol and antioxidants that is considered as highly favorable for the nervous system growth of the baby. Colostrum plays a very significant role in the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract of baby. It is highly rich in nutrients as well as supports the baby’s holistic growth and development.

Simplifies First Bowel Movement:Typically, the very first stool of babies are considered hard as well as dark in color. Colostrum helps in facilitating easy bowel movement, thereby making the pushing the stool of the baby out the bilirubin.

Promotes Sound Sleep:The significant properties of protein in colostrum helps the baby to feel fuller, leading to sound sleep. This happens mainly as colostrum comprises of a laxative effect, which induces sleep.

Prevents Stomach Infections:Colostrum forms a tough coating over the baby’s stomach, which helps in preventing the germs from leading to illness. In addition, it helps in inhibiting attachment of the harmful bacteria to epithelial tissues of the body and attacks bacteria as well as virus that improves immunity of the baby through several manifolds.

Natural Vaccine:One of the most notable point here is that colostrum is regarded as the first immunization offered by nature to the newborns. It prepares the newborns for life outside womb.

Effective Brain Growth:According to new research studies, premature babies experience considerably more brain development as well as growth after being nourished with colostrum. The proteins that are present in colostrum helps in proper growth of brain and eyes of the infant.

In a nutshell, health benefits with regards to colostrum for newborns cannot be simply overlooked, especially to help infants kick start a happy and healthy life. Colostrum is high in antibodies, protein, and carbohydrates and are low in fat that helps in keeping the baby healthy. In addition, colostrum comprises if various oligosaccharides, probiotics and prebiotics that are not present in formulas.