Air Purifiers Market- Manufacturers to Witness Spike in Sales with Pollution Breaching Critical Limit

Aug 29,2018

Over the past few years, the sale of air purifiers has been flying off the shelves. Experts quote that this demand for air purifiers has been by virtue of tremendous pollution levels across the globe. “It is unacceptable that more than 3 billion people, primarily women and children, are inhaling harmful smoke on a daily basis while using stoves & fuels in their homes. Urgent measures, if not taken, will act as a major roadblock in the route of sustainability”, says Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO. Prominent organizations dealing with air purifiers have been recording overwhelming responses and are expecting a multi-fold increase in the demand over the time. Increasing concerns of curbing the air pollution levels, air purifiers have turned out to be a necessity, rather than just being a luxury product.

Air Purifiers Market- Urban Areas to Account for a Gigantic Chunk of the Demand

On the backdrop of widespread air pollution, preservation of air quality has been one of the major concerns in the major cities. Cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and many more are witnessing rapid deterioration of air quality in the wake of rapid mushrooming of population. In the coming years, air purifiers are foreseen to be increasingly deployed in multiple places like corporate offices, hospitals, government buildings, educational institutions, and many more. Latest data from air pollution analysis by WHO is a major eye-opener making air purifier a big-time necessity. Pervasiveness of air-borne diseases and non-communicable diseases linked to air pollution has been a predominant reason for multiple death cases across the globe. This indicates air purifiers to be sought by millions for cutting the impact of indoor air pollution.

The air purifiers market is exponentially growing and is witnessing advent of multiple manufacturers establishing their respective footholds. Prominent manufacturers operating in the market are emphasizing on development of their distribution, marketing, and sales avenues to enhance reach of their products. The key to retaining a large customer base is believed to be product developments, as customers proactively look for products with advanced and latest features. For instance- ACTIVE plasmacluster technology introduced by Sharp has evolved as one of the most acknowledged, certified, and reliable air purification technologies. It not only offers a holistic cleaning experience by trapping a number of pollutants, but also aids in cutting down medication for respiratory symptoms.

Air Purifiers Market- Will Technology & Efficacy Determine Purchase Decisions of Customers?

Consumers are widely observed to alter their purchase decisions based on various factors such as technology implemented in the air purifier and its efficacy level. Apart from the technological facets, other factors such as size of room and maintenance costs are poised to determine its demand. Nowadays, purifiers are well-integrated with affluent & superfluous features such as WIFI, sensors, & special indicators. However, it is highly important for consumers to realize that efficiency of the air purification should be considered to be important, rather than basing judgments on sensors. Awareness initiatives to make people aware of the aforementioned fact is poised to fortify demand for air purifiers.