Increasing Application of Bentonite in the Water Treatment and Rehabilitation Projects Carried out Across the Globe to Influence the Bentonite Market

Sep 25,2018

A highly colloidal clay material discovered back in 1890, bentonite is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate clay that is generated frequently from volcanic ash alterations that predominantly consist of smectite minerals. The bentonite material consists of various accessory minerals such as quartz, gypsum, calcite, and feldspar. The presence of these minerals could increase or decrease the value of deposits depending on the application. Bentonite helps create a gelatinous and viscous fluid as the volume of the material increases several times when coming in contact with water and owing to the strong colloidal properties of the material.

The bentonite material is widely used in various end-use segments including drilling fluid, sealant, binder, clarification agent, absorbent or adsorbent, and others. With its increasing application in the industries including drilling, construction and engineering, palletizing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and others, the demand for bentonite is expected to grow with time.

Water Purification Requirements to Foster the Growth of the Bentonite Market

The absorption or adsorption properties of this material are very useful for the purification of waste water. It is largely used in the construction and rehabilitation of landfills that helps to ensure that the groundwater is protected from pollutants. Various water bodies are being rejuvenated and brought to life the increasing need for cleaner water bodies. The water treatment and purification projects taken up by various regions in the globe are expected to increase the demand for bentonite that is an essential material in the process of water purification.

AquaBlok, Ltd., known for its experience in coating technologies and environmental remediation has recently announced a new partnership with an Austrian civil engineering company, Affective Group that specializes in all aspects of civil earthmoving, demolition, and others, to combine their resources, forming a new entity, AquaBlok Pacific. With their new unit, they plan to manufacture and commercialize their materials including bentonite based low-permeable sealing materials and composite particles to the Australian and South Pacific region for the remediation of contaminants and groundwater. With such strategic plans for providing bentonite to the application sectors, the water treatment requirements are expected to contribute to the growth of the bentonite market.

Water Rehabilitation Projects to Foster the Demand for Bentonite

Apart from water purification, the use of bentonite is also seen in water drilling and rehabilitation processes. As the water well drilling challenge occurred in Cape Town, South Africa, the need for effective water resilience was required. With its constant support to South Africa, AMC, a manufacturer and supplier of a range of quality drilling fluids and specialty products, came to their rescue. With the AMC solutions including bentonite material that offer greater productivity, reduced risks of health and safety, waste management and management of the environmental impact, the water drilling challenges could be catered with expertise of AMC in drilling fluid solutions.

The significance of bentonite clay material in the ground water treatment, waste water treatment, and the rehabilitation of water bodies has led to major transformations in the demand of bentonite material. These demands are expected to influence the bentonite market positively.

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