Take the trip of a lifetime with your employees or business partners by hiring a corporate luxury yacht

Feb 06,2017

A luxury corporate yacht charter is one of the best platforms to boost employee morale, impress potential clients, or even simply indulge in team building exercises in a truly unique and unforgettable setting. A vibrant atmosphere, spectacular backdrops, and unmatched service provided in the yacht charter market are perfectly suited to industry networking, hosting exclusive events and formal business meetings all of which are delivered with the biggest impact. From week-long cruises to elegant evening outings, a corporate yacht charter is perfectly suited to the needs and objectives of business goals, with the added advantages of a mouth-watering cuisine, total privacy and confidentiality, and a number of activities to create a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Corporate yacht charters are quite popular now with executives seeking to plan important meetings or seal a major business deal away from the corporate headquarters. A yacht provides the perfect setting to build relationships with suppliers or clients in a luxurious setting while allowing the host to benefit from a flexible range of choices. Luxury charter yachts offer a number of on-board facilities to cater to specific requirements, such as formal meeting spaces and conference rooms. They might even include on-board telephones, Wi-Fi and Internet access so that instant communication with the office is possible. Many corporate charter yachts offer fantastic dinner areas, well-suited for meeting in an informal setting without sacrificing discretion or comfort in any way. Thus, corporate yachts strike the right balance between business and pleasure in a completely relaxed atmosphere.

Corporate yacht charters can offer an innovative and fresh location to host a hospitality event or corporate party, including all the perks offered by land-based venues with the added benefit of unparalleled luxury and exotic locations. Large corporate yachts can accommodate up to 140 guests in a single day and even sleep up to 80 guests so that a corporate event can be easily organised, and the host can focus on getting on with that all-important business deal. The yacht charter can even be arranged to coincide with important events across the world as part of a reward scheme or an incentive given to the top performing employees or simply to entertain existing or potential clients.

Corporate yacht charters are the perfect setting to encourage team bonding and improve interpersonal corporate relationships. Some team building exercises include on-shore activities or water sports, where teams can work together to get into the competitive spirit. If there are a large number of guests, it is also possible to arrange a fleet of yachts that can cruise together. A charter yacht fleet allows additional games or activities, where guests can enjoy while simultaneously improving their corporate relationships. When the yachts are docked, it is possible to board another yacht and mingle with other colleagues, perfect for networking and bonding.

Can there be any better way to reward your top performing employees than taking them on a luxury yacht? The best performing employees, along with their families, can be taken on an unforgettable trip, with luxury amenities and toys ensuring that there is something for all ages on board. This unique business incentive will certainly provide employees with strong motivation, make them feel highly valued, refreshed and rewarded. It can even provide the perfect platform for company incentives.

While there are many options available to book a corporate yacht charter, it is important to ensure that all needs are fulfilled right down to the last detail so that one can have a smooth, successful charter experience. This should be by making the budget, business objectives and potential outcomes a critical part of the entire decision-making process and a yacht broker should provide the assistance required for this. From booking experienced charter crews who can confidently deal with large parties to ensuring that the on-board accommodation is adequate for the party, it is possible to create a truly tailor-made, customised experience.

Subject to maritime regulations, most luxury yachts can accommodate anywhere between 8 to 12 charter guests. Thus, it is recommended to hire a fleet of charter yachts for larger corporate events. While this requires more preparations and a reasonable notice to be provided, the outcome can be well worth it.