Utility of Peanuts in Weight Loss & Prevention of Heart Diseases to Positively Impact Growth of Edible Nuts Market

Sep 25,2018

US has been contributing significantly towards the revenue growth of edible nuts market owing to rapidly increasing demand for peanuts in salted and roasted form. Production and sales of peanut butter is expected to take an upsurge in the forthcoming years in the U.S. with increasing demand from millennials. Peanuts hold rich fat and protein contents along with several healthy nutrients that continues to drive its demand in edible nuts market. Peanuts are witnessed as being highly beneficial for weight loss and helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which in turn fuels the growth of edible nuts market.

Peanuts are mainly a great source of protein that consists of nearly 30% calories, which in turn makes these edible nuts rich protein and plant-based source. Peanuts are significantly low in carbs, which makes these edible nuts an ideal dietary choice for diabetic patients. Peanuts are considered as an excellent source of minerals and vitamins that includes magnesium, phosphorus, thiamin, vitamin E, manganese, folate, niacin, copper and biotin.

Health & Skin Benefits with Edible Nuts: Peanuts

U.S. is anticipated to contribute significantly towards the surging demand and supply of peanuts in North America edible nuts market on account of rapidly increasing rate of obesity in the region. Growing consumption of peanuts helps in maintaining healthy weight status, thereby significantly reducing the potential risks of obesity. Peanuts help in reducing food intake, thereby promoting satiety to comparatively larger extents than other snacks or edible nuts. Additionally, high content of monounsaturated fat and protein in peanuts increases energy expenditure, which in turn drives the demand for edible nuts across the globe.

Amino acids present in edible nuts help in effective growth as well as development of the body. P-Coumaric acid present in edible nuts such as peanuts helps in reducing the probability of stomach cancer, thereby decreasing production of the carcinogenic nitrous-amines. Manganese present in peanuts helps in absorption of calcium, carbohydrates and fats metabolism as well as regulates sugar level in blood, thereby driving the growth of edible nuts market across the globe.

Poly-phenolic antioxidants present in peanuts helps in prevention from fungal or viral infections, nervous diseases, cancers and heart diseases efficiently. Growing consumer awareness regarding the superior health benefits of peanuts is likely to surge the growth of edible nuts market on a larger basis. Heart diseases are taken up as one of the major cause for increasing death rate across the globe. Several studies have indicated that consuming peanuts can help in protection against heart diseases. The heart-healthy nutrients in peanuts will further drive the growth of edible nuts market across the globe on a larger basis.

Vitamin E properties of peanuts enables in maintenance of mucous membrane cells and the skin. The protection that skin receives from free radicals makes consumption of edible nuts effective for consumers. Apart from health benefits, peanuts also holds significant skin benefiting properties. Obtaining supple and smooth skin with consumption of peanuts will further influence manufacturers in edible nuts market to expand their product portfolio, underpinned by millennial women population.

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