Research Centers to Stimulate Demand & Supply of Digital Pathology for Cancer Treatments

Aug 28,2018

Digital pathology holds the potential for transforming the pathology field similar to the revolution that took place in medical imaging industry by means of teleradiology technology. Key players and manufacturers are taking immense efforts in progressing towards implementation of digital pathology technologies in research and patients care. In the digital pathology market, collaborations have been taking place for the purpose of focusing on cancer treatments. For this purpose, heavy investments are being made in research and development to adopt personalized medicines. Apart from this, integration of EMR, LIMS and LIS solution with the digital technology has been taking place since the recent past.

Potential of Digital Pathology in Cancer Treatments

Diagnosis as well as treatment of cancer by means of identifying the appropriate treatment, for patients at the right time is now supported by digital pathology as well. Digital pathology solutions have been turning pathology diagnosis process notably effective, thereby minimizing the potential side-effects impacting this trend on patients.

In cancer patients, the pathologists have been increasing the usage of image analysis as well as innovations such as deep learning for the purpose of providing specificity, to distinguish cell types in tumors microenvironment and to find out associations with response. Digital pathology has been utilizing innumerable technologies for generating data as well as to provide complete composite picture of the disease biology. This in turn helps in informing clinical development program in the cancer research. In addition, digital pathology can help researchers in applying different algorithms and image analysis to the exactly similar piece of tissue for the purpose of:

Ø  Precisely and quickly quantifying the amount of biomarker

Ø  Showing with specificity regarding the different cells in microenvironment that helps in understanding their role in the progress of tumor.

Ø  Gaining insights regarding interactions in tumor as well as visualize the change of its shape as well as structure. This helps in informing regarding the progress of tumor.

Ø  Comparing and contrasting tumor and immune cells in the tester for the purpose of evaluating the tumor microenvironment. In addition, it helps in characterizing the tumor as cold or hot, thereby further understanding its potential for respond to immunotherapy.

New Era of Immuno-oncology Treatment

Significant explosion has been observed across I-O (immuno-oncology) field since the recent past. Research institutes so far are of the point of view that quick clinical success of cancer immunotherapy have resulted in over 2000 I-O (immuno-oncology) agents at some development stage. This success also resulted in realizations that not every patient responds to immunotherapies in same way. This in turn had led to the new era of I-O (immuno-oncology) treatment that led to adoption of a holistic approach; digital pathology.

The combination of deep learning and digital imaging has been significantly transforming the field of pathology. Digital pathology helps in interrogating the complex interplay amongst the tumor cells, immune cells as well as surrounding stromal constituents in situ. AI (artificial intelligence) innovations as well as quantitative image analysis that is dependent on multiplexing, gives researchers a detailed and composite view of the tumor tissue. On the other hand, deep learning produces quantifiable data as well as specificity that is required to accurately distinguish cell forms in tumor microenvironment. It also helps in finding predictive insights in treatment response.

In a nutshell, through digital pathology, the biomedical researchers have been utilizing a variety of technologies for witnessing a complete view of the disease biology. In addition, it helps in implementing new insights in the clinical trials for helping in identification of the right treatments, for right patients and at right time.