The smart utilisation of filament tapes across various end-use industries

Apr 27,2017

Filament tape is used in simple office administration all the way to the food and beverage industry, construction industry and even the automobile industry and is one of the most versatile materials available in the market. The key differentiation factor making filament tape unique is it being made of thin fibreglass strands that give it an unmatched tensile strength as compared to other tapes that may be of the same size. As filament tape is much stronger than any other tape of the same size available in the market, it cannot be torn. If there is any flaw concerning filament tape, it is that it can be split along the length by applying a certain amount of force. However, this is quite unlikely to happen if the filament tape is properly applied and it is able to deal with excessive pressure. This makes the filament tape market an important supplier for every sector from the packaging industry all the way to office administration. Filament tape is quite useful in binding corrugated boxes on the factory floor as well as in the office, and it can even be used to bundle multiple items because of its inherent strength.

There are a number of uses that justify keeping a certain amount of filament tape handy. They are –

Automotive industry – Filament tape finds widespread application in the automobile industry, even though it is generally considered a secondary element in the various complex scenarios of this specific field of manufacturing. It is useful for its bundling properties as well as its ability to be an adhesive for workers on the factory floor. The automotive industry is the largest end user of filament tapes and this is anticipated to continue in the coming years. While discussing protection solutions or masking, garage and bodywork operators are very specific in terms of optimal protection, easy use and time-saving factors. In both the polishing and painting phase, whether solvent based or water based products are used, filament tapes must guarantee the highest amount of precision and hold. This makes it safe to assume that every garage across the world should have filament tapes and they can even be used as an edge application for either painting or welding on any metal surface. Filament tape excels in this aspect because it does not leave any residue on the surface area once it is removed.

Construction – When professionals in this sector need to prepare themselves for painting or masking work, they know that achieving curves or straight lines with a perfect edge not only makes an enormous difference but is only possible with the right tools in hand. Filament tape plays a critical role in construction, both for applications included under the broad definition of construction and simple masking. On the one hand, masking tape used in decoration and painting has to promise easy application and removal without any kind of precision or residue left behind, while on the other hand multi-layer support tape should promise tensile strength, hold and adhesiveness in even the most hostile of surfaces – vital qualities in repairs and plastering work. If an outdoor application is taken into consideration, resistance to environmental factors such as temperature, wind, humidity and sunlight are also a must. Thus, filament tapes used in construction fulfil a wide range of tasks and explain the increasing attention that professionals are giving to their characteristics that make these tapes more demanding in choosing the right product for their particular need.

Office use – Filament tape does not conduct electricity, so it is perfect for using in the corporate environment when a quick-fix is required for bundling any electronic equipment such as computers or electrical cables.


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