How has Loss of Hearing become a Global Cause of Concern?

Oct 06,2018

It has been noticed that with the significant rise of geriatric population all across the world, loss of hearing has favored the healthcare sector by boosting the revenue generated. Not only hearing loss is popular among old people but also it is also growing strong among children. The new study shows that the children have now become more prone to hearing loss, thus making them to take up hearing devices at an initial stage. It is not wrong to say that high cost of hearing impairment contributes a major chunk of revenue in the global health care sector. This has ensued, hearing implants manufacturer to push beyond and produce new devices with better efficiency. This is anticipated to help the global population who are facing hearing problems.

Which Global Hearing Implant Product is Preferred Most?

Rapid advancement in technology has helped the healthcare industry to grow at stellar rate by providing various devices and treatment. This surely has not failed to impress hearing implant manufactures. As these days, there are numerous hearing implants in the market. Of these cochlear implants is preferred the most by people with extreme loss of hearing. In cases ofSevere Loss Of hearing, hearing aids fails to provide any relief.

To Whom and why Cochlear Implants are recommended?

Generally cochlear implants are suggested to patients having adversely damaged ear sensory cells. These implants are known to excite the auditory nerve and offer a sensation of sound. This is likely to perceive sound to patient with extreme hearing loss. Cochlear implants are considered to be the best possible option for people having extreme hearing loss and is lately gaining rampant acceptance from healthcare sector. Manufacturer of cochlear implants have promised to come up with better technology to aid patients with best possible result, this has significantly collected chunk of revenue for healthcare sector. According to study done by analysts at Future Market Insight, the global hearing implant market is anticipated to rise at a robust CAGR of 7.5 % during the forecast period. The market was valued at US$996.2 mn in 2018 and likely to touch US$ 2 bn by the end of 2028. This conspicuously tells the market will flourish in terms of volume and revenue.

What are the Lucrative Opportunities Available for Manufacturers?

Demand for functional and affordable hearing implants is likely to create lucrative opportunities for hearing implants manufacturer in the world. Apart from these proper follow up services with audiologists is expected to help manufacturers to innovate and create product difference which would formulate the brand name. The current production rate of hearing implants is struggling to meet the demand at a global rate. The situation becomes tight when patient requires bilateral implants. This provides a major opportunity for players as they need to tune up their production rate as soon as possible. Another factor is because of few players available in the market, intensifies the competition in one hand and on other offers a lucrative revenue opportunity in the market.

In what way does technological advancement aid the market to grow?

Advent of laser light technology is considered as a carrier for the global market. Apart from these, except the device, regular follow ups have been a roadblock in every sector. In order to make things convenient, manufactures have tried to make a remote feature which can help patients to have regular follow-up session along with their audiologists. This will programmed depending upon the requirement. Out of various technologies, one which has re

markable made its name and set a benchmark is done by a major player. This company launched the device with an integrated Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This cochlear implants help patients to connect to audio processors with the help of Bluetooth and allows the patient to have a better hearing experiences.

What are the Restraints Possible Available in the Market That Deters the Growth Rate?

Hearing implants have proved to be boon for people who never thought could hear sound naturally due to damaged hearing cells, as this device help in perceiving the sound for them. But this can be only adopted by few and in particular to people who are on the top of the poverty line. Exorbitant price of hearing implants is likely to drive away middle class families. Intricacies associated with the functionality of hearing implants devices is another factor that plummets down the sales of market. Hearing implants requires surgeries, which further raise the costs of hospitalization costs, medication and surgery fees. On the other hand, hearing aids are cheaper in comparison to hearing implants, thus providing respite to all class of people. Hearing aids which are highly powered are becoming popular at fast pace due to their simple use. Apart from these, complications arising after the implant surgeries is driving patients to pick hearing aids. This is anticipated to deter the growth of market

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