Allscripts dbMotion now available through Microsoft Azure

Apr 19,2017

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc., world-renowned IT service provider to healthcare companies, recently announced that their dbMotion Solution will now be available on Microsoft Corporation’s Azure cloud computing platform. Most notably, dbMotion Solution is the proprietary interoperability platform provided by Allscripts.

The dbMotion Solution collects data from disparate financial sources and clinical systems to then deliver it in the desired way to the point of care to support clinical decision making and analytical engines on the basis of organizational needs. dbMotion has been proven to reduce the expense of care delivery, enabling physicians to provide informed patient care and substantially improve patient confidence and satisfaction in their care received. dbMotion Solution is a vital cog in the Allscripts comprehensive population health management platform – Allscripts CareInMotion. CareInMotion is a flexible architecture that allows healthcare organizations to address particular health priorities of the population such as care coordination, risk stratification, patient engagement and care transition. By providing dbMotion access through the cloud, the high barriers to entry for physician groups and health systems seeking true interoperability should be lowered, making informed decisions for the purpose of efficient and safe care feasible. This tie-up helps Allscripts customers tap into the enterprise-grade security and global reach made possible by Microsoft Azure along with providing several additional benefits to clinicians.

Stock performance

A cursory glance at the company’s price trend shows that the stock has performed quite impressively in the last year. Allscripts added nearly 22% and could be favourably compared to the Medical Info Systems gain of just under 18%. The present level is also favourable when compared to the S&P return of 6.2% in the same time period. Even though the price trend seems fairly bullish, the stock estimated revision has been quite disappointing indeed. The year 2016 saw a number of analysts revising their trend downwards with only one movement in the upward direction. Thus, the Consensus Estimate for the year dropped by 6% to under 50 cents for the same time period. This performance is primarily why it is quite prudent for Allscripts Healthcare to move into cloud computing with Microsoft Azure. As a result of this strategic alliance, dbMotion Solution should record faster interoperability service implementation and lower yearly upgrade cost, allowing organizations to leverage technology and reduce their dependence on the internal IT resource pool. Allscripts has also committed to offering its Population Health Analytics solution that is powered by dbMotion via the Azure platform.

Allscripts dbMotion helps integrate real-time patient data discretely from a diverse set of health IT systems and care settings into one comprehensive patient care and record workflow at the point of care. This information is seamlessly synchronised across the entire system and it allows providers to quickly access and organise information within a workflow, provide better disease management and patient care and help move towards newer payment models. Allscripts Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare IT solution providers. Looking towards the future, Allscripts’ management team is focussing their attention on a number of restructuring initiatives including boosting R&D, catering to their clients’ diverse needs and streamlining their operational efficiency. Favourable demographic trends and a conducive regulatory environment should only boost the growth in demand for Allscripts products and services. Greater client demand for the population health management solutions offered by the company for hospitals, ambulatory surgical centres and healthcare systems should help boost demand in the Europe hospital capacity management solutions market in the long run. 


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