Despite Being a Technological Development, Know Why the Interactive Whiteboard Business is expected to Encounter Downturns

Sep 25,2018

Ever since technology has taken over various business sectors and industries, the ease of carrying out activities has been achieved. With the wave of digitization, conventional tasks have become easier to manage with assistance and quick responsiveness of the devices and smart gadgets that make the work easy and far more advanced. Interactive whiteboard technology has been one such technological development that transformed the way learning and corporate sessions took place. With the smart-technology enabled approach, the interactive whiteboards gained popularity owing to their exceeding advancements and simplicity offered by them for the learning process.

Although the interactive whiteboard business experienced great acceptance and popularity in its initial stage, the interactive whiteboard market has encountered various challenges which have impacted its growth. With the technological ability offered by this interactive whiteboard, they projected an expensive deal. As the interactive whiteboard failed to be a cost-effective product, other alternatives have been introduced to the market that is cost-effective and those which could offer similar functionalities that the interactive whiteboard offers. With alternatives such as portable projectors, interactive screens, and interactive flat panel displays equipped with more features and more cost-effectiveness compared to an interactive whiteboard, the interactive whiteboard market is expected to experience a decline in the coming years.

Cost-effective Alternatives Hitting the Market Posing a Potential Threat

The need for cost-effective solutions that could offer similar or better features of the interactive whiteboard is gradually being introduced to the market. Vestel, a Turkish company that specializes in information technology-powered appliances, electronics, and more have introduced new interactive flat panel screens that offer next generation dynamic displays. The Vestel team stated that with their dynamic range of products, the company is focused towards taking the education sector forward.

The cost-effective and simple solutions by Vestel, suitable for educational institutions and classrooms help these to upgrade from conventional whiteboards. The range provides flexibility and greater teaching experience to increase the interactions and further contribute to effective learning. The product offers more cost-effectiveness that enables them to be a good alternative for the interactive whiteboard. With this interactive solution achieving a similar functionality of the interactive whiteboard is nearly possible which makes it a great product. With such products introduced in the market, the interactive whiteboard market is expected to be impacted negatively in the coming years.

While the Market is expected to Face Stagnation, Technological Requirements are coming to the Rescue

Although emerging alternatives and cost-effective options impact the growth of the interactive whiteboard market, the need for technology and exceeding the implementation of the interactive whiteboard technology in institutions is expected to help the market recover. With the technology offering file projections in the screens, interactive whiteboard is finding application in various business sectors. With the help of interactive whiteboard, businesses can carry out collaborative planning to ensure better decision making.

The user-friendly and quick operations delivered by an interactive whiteboard ensure simplified business planning owning to which the adoption of interactive whiteboard technology continues to be witnessed. Although the interactive whiteboard technology is an expensive solution, major businesses and corporate players along with some educational institutions are seen implementing it for achieving next generation experience in their business processes and academics. With stable implementation of the technology, the interactive whiteboard market, despite its declining projections, is expected to move steadily in the coming years.

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