Ion exchange resins market to move steadily while facing downturns

Aug 20,2018

Ion exchange is a reversible chemical reaction that in which the ions dissolved in the solution removed and replaced with other ions of similar electric charge. The resin comprises of organic polymers that form hydrocarbon network. The ion exchange resins or ion exchange polymers act as a medium of ion exchange used in various processes such as separation, decontamination and purification, typically seen in water purification and softening.

With effective application in the industries such as power generation, chemical and fertilizers, paper and pulp industry, pharmaceuticals, domestic and wastewater treatment, ion exchange resins market is widely accepted. Segmented into two product types: anion exchange resins, and cation exchange resins, the anion exchange resins segment is likely to contribute the soaring growth of the ion exchange resins market.

Water treatment to reinforce the ion exchange resins market stability in the prevalent regions

Water treatment is gaining exceeding significance in prevalent regions of the world. The collective water scarcity and water-related issues is drawing the attention of various scientists and researchers. With the increasing global water-crisis, the use of ion exchange resins for water treatment would provide great assistance in eradicating the water stress. There is rising demand for chemicals used in waste-water treatment especially in the Middle-east and Africa region, which is triggering the growth of this worldwide market.

Lanxess, the leading chemical industry has been providing demineralizing solutions for water by developing Lewatit NM 3367 mixed-bed systems. This demineralizing ion exchange resins system can be used to charge and top up modern hot water heating systems. With active application of ion exchange resins in the industrial water treatment and purification, the market is on a stable market position.

Effective ion exchange resins application in South Africa to drive the market growth

The application of ion exchange is largely visible in the Middle-east and Africa region. South Africa’s national mineral research organization, Mintek is focused on protecting the water scarcity in South Africa with its process solutions for treating mine effluent. They understand the importance of preventing pollution occurred due to the mining activities. This gave rise to more research being conducted for better solutions for these treatments. Following this, the continuous resin-in-pulp ion exchange process for removal of base metals such as uranium from deep water sludge was trademarked by the company. The uranium removal from deep slurries and more developments in the resin-in-pulp technology are the result of their extensive research regarding this study.

There are various factors that are posing a threat to the expansion of the ion exchange resins market. The market is, however, is facilitated with such develops made by chemical industries. With relatively stable applications in the power generation segment, the ion exchange resins market would moderately hold the industry