Know how Light Therapy Regime is contributing to Better Living

Oct 04,2018

Living a peaceful life in between a quick-paced and hectic routine has become an everyday challenge for individuals. With the changing environment and transforming lifestyles, people are facing various challenges when it comes to dealing with the daily stress and coping up with the fast-paced life. There have been various initiatives and ideas introduced in the market owing to the need for maintaining physical and mental health. The need for an improved living has resulted in the greater use of therapy and procedures for enhancing the way people live their lives and deal with the hectic routine.

Researchers to Unveil the Capabilities of Light Therapy for Improving Mental Health

With the much-discussed light therapy that is said to have a positive impact on the mental health and well-being gaining popularity in recent times, researchers are focusing on uncovering the capabilities of the light therapy. Dr. Juda, a psychology postdoctoral fellow with her research into human circadian rhythms was recently seen teaming up with BC Hydro and the Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addiction (BCMHA) for understanding whether the new LED lighting technology could be used to impact human circadian rhythms and improve mental health. The LED light technology allows programming and adjusting of color intensity and temperature by which it is able to stimulate outdoor patterns of light to a specific extent.

While the project data is yet awaited, Dr. Juda is seen attaining grants for a lighting intervention study in partnership with a non-profit organization. With initiatives similar to these, understanding the light therapy in a broader sense would now be possible. Moreover, analysis of light therapy could project opportunities for setting up lighting solutions in schools, hospitals, and other indoor setups.

Fighting the Bipolar Disorder Battle with Soothing Light Therapy

Fighting mental disorders have always been a challenging task for people. Bipolar disorder, one such mental illness is expected to be managed with light therapy. With the numerous depression and mania symptoms, patients with bipolar disorder need effective therapies for tackling with the disease. While effective treatments for bipolar depression are limited, researchers are trying to find out if light therapy turns out to be one good and effective treatment.

With more research carried out in this field, the scope of light therapy could be determined in the forthcoming years. By far, researchers in Chicago have inferred that around six weeks of light therapy is effective in decreasing depression and improving the daily functionalities of patients.

Unique Sleeping Experience with the new Light Therapy

A sound sleep sets the routine for our daily lives and helps get prepared for another busy day. Owing to the significance of this activity a light therapy specialist and market leader Lumie has launched a new sleep or wake up light called Bodyclock Shine 300. By combining form and function, the device delivers a unique experience of waking and sleeping with its light therapy. Recognized as a Class I medical device, Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 is thoroughly tested to abide by the European Health and Safety Standards.

Ever since the company introduced their first wake-up light back in 1993, they have been focusing on investments and new product development strategies to bring in innovative products. With the new improved light and sound technology in their Bodyclock product range, Lumie is focused on providing effectively-designed, reliable and next-generation sleep or wake up lights. With the use of new technologies, software, and aesthetic product design, light therapy providers are contributing to an effective routine for their customers.

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