Technological Breakthroughs and Key Developments in Mobile Gamma Cameras Landscape

Oct 05,2018

The world of image capturing and imaging technologies is changing rapidly, whether be it for recreational and career-based perspectives or for a more comprehensive usage in the healthcare industry. And regarding the latter, mobile gamma cameras are witness a large-scale application owing to their highly useful properties such as enhanced spacial resolution, sensitivity, better contrast, and high-quality detection ability. Owing to such a high demand, a distinct mobile gamma cameras market exists from a global perspective.

The mobile gamma camera system mainly is an imaging technique that is used to generate functional scans of small organs. The system consists of small detectors with a reduced field of view for small organ studies such as heart, thyroid, liver, and lungs among other organs. This system is a fully-functional mobile device that can be readily used for scanning patients, thereby eliminating the need to transport them to separate facilities. The gamma camera is one of the most powerful tools in recent times that can be used as supporting equipment in emergency situations. This is mainly due to the ability of the cameras to acquires images in a few minutes and provide final results in a short span of time.

In terms of technological breakthroughs, new upgrades are being installed in mobile gamma cameras on a regular basis. In terms of this factor, the single head mobile gamma cameras are expected to witness high demand in terms of revenue generation. This is mainly due to the small form factor and low cost of these devices. However, dual head mobile gamma cameras are also prophesized to witness rapid growth in demand on account of their high scanning speeds and better resolution. New product development and strong after-sales service agreements with end users are key strategies implemented by most players operating in the mobile gamma camera market.

Rapidly Evolving Healthcare Sector Boosts Growth in the Mobile Gamma Camera Market

Widespread advancements occurring in the healthcare industry, mainly with respect to the quality of healthcare provided is a key factor driving the global mobile gamma cameras market. Moreover, various healthcare specialists are turning towards a greater use of technology to diagnose ailments and use high-tech equipment for getting out high-quality results. Mobile gamma cameras are one of these high tech machines that can provide excellent results as compared to their alternatives, consequently boosting the market’s expansion.

With rising geriatric population, an increase in the number of people falling ill to serious ailments is also increasing the demand for mobile gamma cameras. In addition, use of mobile camera systems instead of whole body gamma cameras can help bring down the hospitalization and treatment costs dramatically. This factor has made several healthcare facilities prefer using the mobile camera varieties, consequently driving the global mobile gamma camera market.

However, high costs of manufacturing these cameras might hinder their demand substantially Moreover, a shortage this technology might exist in remote and underdeveloped regions, thus posing as a geographical restraint to the market’s expansion. Nevertheless, several manufacturers are expected to introduce cost regulated gamma camera devices in the near future, as well as improve their geographical reach. This could offset most restraints affecting the demand of the mobile gamma cameras.

North America Comes Out As a Winning Regional Segment for Mobile Gamma Cameras

Geography-wise, the mobile gamma cameras market is spread across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Of these, North America holds a leading position in this sector market owing to a strong medical and healthcare infrastructure in the region. Moreover, various technological advancements are occurring in nuclear medicine for diagnostic imaging purpose in this region, which also is responsible for boosting the global mobile gamma cameras market in this region.

Apart from North America, these devices are expected to witness a splendid utilization in the Asia Pacific region mainly due to a rising number of expansion activities by both domestic and international players. Moreover due to a rise in the number of patients getting affected by serious diseases in this region, the use of the cameras is expected to surge ahead in the near future.

Competition among Mobile Gamma Camera Manufacturers to Witness Notable Rise

The mobile gamma cameras market showcases the presence of a highly competitive vendor landscape, owing to most players continuously trying to outgun their rivals. Many businesses are focusing on introducing new devices on a frequent basis, as well as improving technological efficiency. Reducing device costs to benefit ease of accessing relevant healthcare services and treatments is another area where many businesses in the global mobile gamma cameras market are striving to succeed.Digirad Corporation, MiE America, Inc., Gammasonics Pty, Mediso Ltd., DDD-Diagnostic A/S, Adolesco AB, MEDX, and Siemens Healthcare GmbH, are key players operating in the global mobile gamma cameras market. With the number of expected to increase in the near future, the competitive intensity is expected to further intensify.

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