5 Top Selling Mobile Phone Accessories Globally to Help You Make the Most Out of Your Smartphone

Aug 29,2018

Mobile phone accessories are as important as a mobile phone in day-to-day life. About a few years ago, the mobile phone accessories meant the earphones, data cable and charger. But as the technology is advancing, users are shifting their focus more towards the high tech mobile phone accessories like wireless headphones, power banks, Bluetooth devices, etc. These mobile phone accessories are creating a market that is growing rapidly year by year and is hard to ignore. Here are the 5 top selling mobile phone accessories that brings the best in your smartphone:

  1. Power bank

Whether you are using an IoS or Android phone, a low-cost smartphone or a high-end device, power banks are a must-have smartphone accessory today. They prove to be life savers in situations when the battery of our phones is draining and there is no socket available to charge them. Mostly, such situations occur when we are travelling. These rechargeable easy to handle power backups range from very affordable prices, but the power of the power bank differs. The more powerful the battery, the more devices you can charge.

  1. Selfie stick

Selfie stick is the second most bestselling mobile phone accessories globally. Selfie sticks have mushroomed in the mobile phone accessories market and taken it by storm. This mobile phone accessories could be a handy tool, especially when you are travelling solo. Whether you want to click a selfie, groupfie or take interesting shots from different angles, a selfie stick could be of some aid.

  1. Headphone splitter and Bluetooth Headset

Struggling to share the same headphones while listening to music is passé. This is where the headphone splitters enter. They let a group of people to listen to music at the same time on a single handset. Comfort, ease, hygiene guaranteed. This little mobile phone accessory comes in various designs and at different price points.

Be it music or answering calls, a Bluetooth headset is a must-have for those who are always shuffling from one meeting room to the other or are used to travelling in choked public transports. Connect it with your smartphone and forget the hassle of taking out your phone every time you get a call.

  1. Arm band

Arm band serves a great mobile phone accessory for fitness enthusiasts, especially for gym-goers, sport players and swimmers. This product of mobile phone accessories helps in staying connected without worrying about dropping the phone while exercising or getting it damaged underwater while swimming. There are a wide range of water resistant arm bands available for swimmers

  1. Portable Bluetooth speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker could be proved to be a true companion while you are on an outing or just relaxing in your room. Light in weight, easy to carry, and producing fairly loud sound the portable speaker does not require wires or cables to function. It offers you a hassle-free experience. There are many options available for portable Bluetooth speaker in the mobile phone accessories market with some of them can simply fit in the jeans pocket.

Today, there are a wide range of mobile phone accessories available in the market, which are trendy and unique. The companies offering these mobile phone accessories have a strong distribution network to sell and promote their accessories. With all these factors driving growth, both consumers and businesses are in for some exhilarating times. As it is rightly said, ‘Growth Drives Innovation.’