Growing Use of Pearlescent Pigments in a Range of Applications to Act as a Contributing Factor for the Growth of the Pearlescent Pigments Market

Oct 04,2018

Pearlescent pigments are made by coating laminar substrate with metal oxide. Manufacturers are seen achieving the soft and beautiful luster of pearls artificially by pearl pigments. Originally pearls get their luster and beauty from the light they reflect from their multiple layers. By generating this artificially, manufacturers are able to achieve a greater level of aesthetics required in end-user segments such as automobile industries, cosmetics & personal care, paints & coatings, plastics, printing, and others.

Owing to their lustrous properties and attributes of beautification, the pearlescent pigments are finding extensive applicability for the purpose of coating by being added to clear paints offering a great color effect to the coated product. Moreover, pearlescent pigments are also added to printing ink for producing great pearl ink that enhances the ordinary ink with shine and luster. When mixed with various plastics, pearlescent pigments can help produce plastic moldings with the pearl effect using different methods. Pearlescent pigments market manufacturers provide a range of color options for the right usability of the pigments. Furthermore, pearlescent pigments are of great value in achieving shine in the regular cosmetics and makeup products, thereby adding richness and vibrancy to the end products.

New Product Launches by Market Players to Foster the Growth of the Pearlescent Pigments Market

The market players in the pearlescent pigments market are seen adding new products to their portfolio similar to the other pigment manufacturers that are seen exploring the opportunities in the market. BASF, a German chemical company and the largest chemical provider in the world, has launched their high-performance pigments. Along with these high-performance pigments, the company has also introduced two new saturated pearlescent pigments. Their Lumina Royal Exterior Dragon gold and Paliocrom Premium Gold, a saturated aluminum based effect pigment are the two newly introduced pearlescent pigments at the American Coatings Show 2018.

Introduced for the automotive coatings requirements, the two new pearlescent pigments provide great value in the golden and green color space. Such products introduced in the pearlescent pigments market is expected to increase the scope of application of pearlescent pigments in future.

APEJ Region to Offer Growth Opportunities for the Pearlescent Pigments Market

The APEJ region is termed as a lucrative region owing to the increasing demand for pearlescent pigments in the growing application segments in these regions.  With major key players in the pearlescent pigments situated in the countries including Germany, China, India, and some countries in the US region, the pearlescent pigments business is expected to grow on a faster pace in these nations. Moreover, companies such as SinPearl Pearlescent pigment Co. Ltd. being one of the leading manufacturers of pearlescent pigments have a major business in China, where sales revenue is expected to remain healthy over the next couple of years. Being one of the largest manufacturers of pearlescent pigments SinPearl Pearlescent Pigment Co. Ltd., is also engaged in selling and exporting pearlescent pigments to other emerging regions.

The pearlescent pigments market players are, therefore expected to gain great opportunities from the APEJ market for pearlescent pigments.

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