Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients Market: Competition Analysis

Apr 10,2019

Protein hydrolysate ingredients market continues to witness an increasing demand from various application sectors such as sports nutrition, clinical nutrition, and infant formula. Hydrolysates are beneficial to several groups of individuals, right from athletes who want to recover faster from training to patients who require high proteins. There is a healthy growth in the market owing to nutritional or health benefits related to protein across the developed countries. Moreover, excellent property of protein hydrolysates ingredients market such as great taste, versatility, and easy applicability is anticipated to make them a preferred choice among manufacturers and consumers.

A comprehensive report by Future Market Insights, titled, “Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients Market”, tracks the market for 2018-2028. A sample of the report is available upon request.

Majority of leading players in the protein hydrolysate market are introducing new products and expanding their product portfolio to meet the increasing demand for protein hydrolysate. However, increasing investments in the production of protein hydrolysate are resulting in cut-throat competition among the current players in the market.

Key players in the protein hydrolysate market are investing a big portion of their profits in research and development activities to create next-generation protein hydrolysate with improved functionality and taste, which will be included in protein gels, powder shakes, snack bars, and clear drinks.

  • Kerry Group PLC

Kerry Group PLC is a pioneer in supplying protein supported by detailed scientific & applications expertise, intensive knowledge in protein processing and chemistry. The firm’s extensive protein product range has introduced protein hydrolysates that is derived from plant and dairy-based sources for individuals who prefer organic ingredients or are allergic to some components in the product. Their product range is inclusive of Hyprol, Hyprol Plant Proteins, and Selpro.

  • Nestle S.A.

A leading company in the protein hydrolysate market launched a new product, Peptamen. It is a special nutritionally adequate and balanced product made up of hundred percent whey protein hydrolysates. Peptamen is particularly designed for absorption and tolerance catering to the nutritional requirements of individuals.It is beneficial for intensive care unit patients dealing with GI issues such as maldigestion, malabsorption, and dysmotility. Their new product range offering includes Peptamen AF, Peptamen Junior, Peptamen Intense, and Peptamen Junior Advance.

  • Nutricia

The firm specializes in providing advanced medical nutrition for the elderly, sick, and infirm. It is one of the leading specialist nutrition firm in Europe. Nutricia caters to the demand of individuals who require nutritional support due to age, injury, or illness. Nutricia has introduced Hydrolysed Whey Protein/Maltodextrin powder. It is a fine beige colored powder supplemented with minerals and carbohydrates.

  • Abbott Nutrition

Abbott Nutrition has recently introduced a product ProMod Liquid Protein. It is a medical food that offers a concentrated protein source with augmented protein demands. Furthermore, the new product contains zero fat, and can be consumed by individuals who are lactose intolerant, prefer gluten-free food products. The introduction of this particular product has helped the firm to maintain its strong stance in the protein hydrolysate market.

  • Arla Foods

To cater to the sports industry, Arla Foods, an international cooperative based out of Viby and the biggest manufacturer of dairy products. To cater to the various requirements of proteins needed by individuals, Arla Foods has come with a wide range of products. Their product offerings include Lacprodan SP-3071, Lacprodan HYDRO.Power, Lacprodan HYDRO.Clear, Lacprodan HYDRO.Milk, and Lacprodan HYDRO.365. Some of the product offerings are suitable for sports nutrition.

  • AMCO Proteins

AMCO Proteins is a prominent dairy protein producer for beverage, food, and nutritional markets. In the firm, they enzymatically hydrolyze dairy & wheat proteins for nutrition and food industries. The firm has a wide range of product offerings that include protein hydrolysate such as Hydrolyzed WPC 80, Peptide Bonded Glutamine, Hydrolyzed WPI, and Instant Hydrolyzed WPC 30.

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