Digitally Operated Respiratory Inhaler Devices Seen to Contribute to the Growth of the Respiratory Inhaler Devices Market Significantly

Sep 25,2018

There are increasing cases of respiratory disorders such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and others owing to increasing challenges faced by people living in regions that witness growing pollution. Dealing with these respiratory disorders is the need of the hour. Owing to these growing concerns, the healthcare sector has seen various developments to help individuals fight the respiratory challenges.

Medical device manufacturers are seen introducing different devices that ease the process of breathing. The respiratory inhaler devices are such medical devices that help the patients suffering from respiratory disorders and assist them while they encounter breathing challenges. Medical device manufacturers are constantly involved in greater research and development activities to enhance the capabilities of conventional devices such as the respiratory inhaler devices. Furthermore, with digital technology taking over major sectors, digital respiratory inhaler devices are gaining greater importance.

Digital Inhalers to Tackle Respiratory Disorders Effectively

Digital technology advancements are growing within the healthcare sector to improve patient care and reduce the challenges caused by disorders. Market players in the medical device industry are focused towards harnessing the technological innovations for manufacturing technology-enabled devices to help medical professionals in providing next-generation care to patients.

Pneuma Respiratory is a company in North Carolina, focused on creating therapeutic treatments for lung diseases for inhaled drug delivery by digital means. They, in the last quarter of the year 2017, introduced the complete digitally operated soft mist inhaler which is claimed to be the first of its kind in the world and deliver medication reliably. Their breakthrough technology targets the COPD and asthma space with its unique digitally integrated device. With its soft mist ejector and electronic breath actuation, the device is designed to sense the breathing of the patient by the ejector and activate itself automatically. The company gives emphasis on monitoring dose verification owing to its importance for doctors and patients in concern with the drug compliance and usage. The device offers delivery of real-time dose verification data as it is incorporated with a digital mobile application platform.

A step ahead in Digitization of Respiratory Inhaler Devices: Leveraging Opportunities in the Emerging Markets

While the healthcare industry has been aware of the digital respiratory inhaler devices, the new innovations are expected to open new doors of potential opportunities in the respiratory inhaler devices market. A firm in the Silicon Valley, Adherium has extended the sales of its Hailie inhaler monitoring system in the United States market. Known for its inhaler sensors integrated with a smartphone app, the state-of-the-art technology provided by Adherium was a breakthrough innovation in the smart inhalers market.

The North American market is estimated to hold a large market value for respiratory inhaler devices. By extending over-the-counter sales in emerging countries such as the United States, the company is focused on growing the business in the forthcoming years. With digitally operated respiratory inhaler devices and smart sensor technology enabling respiratory inhaler devices to be monitored with respect to dose verification and medication reminders, the digitally operated respiratory inhaler devices are gaining greater traction.

Owing to these possibilities, the respiratory inhaler devices market is expected to grow significantly over the coming decades for their extensive need to tackle the challenges faced by patients suffering from respiratory disorders.

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