Seaweed Extracts Acquire Increased Visibility through F&B and Flexible Packaging

Feb 05,2020

Growing concerns about plastic leading to increased environmental footprint has triggered the demand for alternative packaging solutions. Hence, manufacturers are innovating in novel packaging solutions involving seaweed extracts to bolster their credibility credentials in the billion-dollar global packaging landscape. For instance, Lucozade Ribena Suntory - a UK-based soft drinks manufacturer, collaborated with Notpla - a startup that provides flexible packaging solutions, to demonstrate their edible capsules made from seaweed extracts at the 2019 London Marathon.

Due to increased awareness about regulatory norms associated with the use of plastic packaging, companies are seeking funding from governments to join the bandwagon of plastic-free packaging. Startup companies are teaming up with leading F&B manufacturers to showcase their efficacy in sustainable packaging using seaweed extracts. As such, startups are increasing R&D and production capabilities to manufacture an entire range of packaging alternatives using seaweed extracts and other plant materials.

The trend of edible packaging has created a demand for seaweed and seaweed extracts in the global packaging space. Companies are onboarding designers, chemists and engineers to develop biodegradable packaging solutions that disintegrate in the environment, food waste and in landfills. As such, startups are exploring opportunities in flexible packaging for liquid substances, made predominantly from seaweed extracts.

Lucrative Opportunities in Asia Pacific’s Agribusiness Generate New Revenue Streams for Fertilizer Manufacturers

Apart from the F&B industry, seaweed extract is gaining increased popularity in the agricultural landscape. For example, researchers in India are studying the advantages of seaweed extracts in fertilizers that have the potential to improve the quality and output of crops. Companies in agribusiness are increasing production capacities to manufacture seaweed extract fertilizer in liquid and powder form to cater to the needs of crop producers.

Since agribusiness is flourishing in Asia Pacific and Latin America, manufacturers are tapping into incremental opportunities by introducing seaweed extract fertilizers. For instance, agribusiness in China is undergoing a sea change with year-on-year increase in the popularity of seaweed fertilizers. Growing concerns about food safety is one of the key drivers that has catalyzed the demand for seaweed fertilizers.

On the other hand, there is an uptake in the utilization of seaweed extract fertilizers in the Indian agricultural environment. One of the main reasons for this pervasively growing trend is the awareness about seaweed extract being a rich source of organic nutrition source for plants and crops alike. Thus, seaweed extract fertilizers are increasingly replacing chemical fertilizers, owing to their high organic nutrition.

Ingredient Manufacturers Lean on Innovations in Seaweed Extracts Owing to their Cost-efficiency

Ingredient manufacturers are tapping opportunities in various seaweed extracts to develop more sustainable and tastier products. For instance, French ingredients supplier Algaia, is leaning on innovations in seaweed by working closely with local fishermen to source brown algae, to ensure a continuous supply of seaweed biomass. Companies are focused on producing specialized seaweed ingredients by teaming up with local fishermen to establish fresh and renewable supply of seaweed biomass. As such, growing trend of veganism has fueled the demand for organic food products made from seaweed extracts.

Growing awareness about the advantages of veganism has created a demand for plant-based products. With the introduction of seaweed extracts in food products, manufacturers are steering innovation in high-quality plant-based products. Another driver that is transforming plant-based food is the awareness of clean label. Thus, food manufacturers are increasing efforts to gain approval for clean label. They are increasing production capacities by strengthening controlled supply chain of seaweed biomass to create availability of sustainable and premium-quality plant-based products. Companies are focusing on innovations in brown seaweed extracts since brown seaweed alleviates the need for fertilisers and pesticides during cultivation, unlike other plant-based crops. Thus, seaweed is gaining popularity as a cost-efficient ingredient that provides organic nutrition to consumers.

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