High Demand from Niche Applications to Boost Super Absorbent Polymer Market

Oct 06,2018

Super-absorbent polymer (SAP) is a granular material with extraordinary capacity to retain watery arrangements and is generally utilized in hygiene products, for example, diapers and female hygiene products. Super absorbent polymers are accessible as various sorts in market among which sodium polyacrylamide of manufactured groups and polysaccharides of regular groups are exceedingly found. Likewise, SAP discovers use in agriculture, construction, stimulation and personal care.

Baby diaper was the key application and represented progressively a noteworthy rate the aggregate utilization in the previous years. Expanding baby diapers demand inferable from rise in populace and customer awareness towards baby hygiene is probably going to drive super absorbent polymer market growth. Agricultural applications are expected to see prominent gain in the imminent years inferable from superior water maintenance properties required for crops in the precipitation arena.

Bio based SAP is fabricated utilizing inexhaustible raw materials, for example, starch, cellulose, characteristic gums and chitin. Bio-based super absorbent polymers market gives naturally manageable options in contrast to fossil based materials yet additionally offer viable moisture maintenance and receptiveness for applications, for example, baby diapering, packaging, female hygiene and grown-up incontinence products. The utilization of bio-based SAP is an up and coming pattern that is probably going to decidedly affect the development of the super absorbent polymer market in the coming years.

Product Type Insights:

  1. Poly Acrylamide CO-polymer

In view of product compose, polyacrylamide is the overwhelming sort in the market bookkeeping to 25% and is expected to be the quickest developing fragment because of its nontoxic nature and high water engrossing and holding property. Moreover, the developing food and drinks industry, particularly accommodation foods, is additionally anticipated that would drive the polyacrylamide market, as it utilized as food added substance.

2.         Sodium Polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate will keep on absorbing water until there is an equivalent convergence of water inside and outside the polymer. This structures a polymeric gel ordinarily larger in estimate than the first powdered compound. Developing infant populace and decrease in baby death rates in the emerging nations.

  1. Others

Ethylene-maleic Anhydride Co-polymer and Polyvinyl Alcohol Co-polymer are some of the other prominent raw materials that could be utilized for production of SAPs.

Key Insights on Diaper Application Segment:

•           Gel-blocked masses in diapers with super absorbent polymer will probably enable the pee to contact the babys skin for extensive stretches of time, and will probably spill. To keep this, new composite structures containing both cellulose mash cushion and superabsorbent polymer were devloped. This providexd a lattice in which fluid could stream. Also, the crosslink thickness of the gel particles was expanded, bringing about products with a higher fluid maintenance under shear, in spite of a lower limit. Despite the fact that the balance swelling limit was to some degree lower, the enhanced gel modulus prompted a general change in diaper execution.

•           With a refined comprehension of the effect of superabsorbent polymer on the absorbent center in the mid-1990s ultra-thin diapers were designed. The measure of cellulose mash cushion utilized in these diapers was lessened considerably, yielding a more slender diaper with a higher convergence of superabsorbent polymer in the absorbent core. As polymer properties turn out to be progressively comprehended, diapers end up more slender as the proportion of polymer to lighten increments.

•           Small amounts of crosslinkers assume a role job in changing the properties of superabsorbent polymers. Notwithstanding altering the swelling and mechanical properties, the crosslinker influences the measure of solvent polymer found during the polymerization as consequence of its relative reactivity with acrylic corrosive or sodium acrylate.

Factors Driving Market Growth:

  • Growing geriatric as well as infant population

With an exponentially growing population, there is a large pool of infant as well as aging population, that tend to need diapers in order to stay dry and maintain hygiene. This is a key factor boosting sales of super absorbent polymer.

  • Rising Awareness of Superior Female Hygiene Products

There is a growing awareness regarding use of sanitary napkins for maintaining female hygiene during the course of menstrual cycles, leading to higher use of disposable pads.

  • Burgeoning Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is increasingly using SAPs for some food manufacturing processes.

  • Rapid Urbanization of Developing Regions

Urbanization of emerging regions such as Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America is leading to high awareness among the people residing there, opening up new growth avenues.

  • High Disposable Incomes

With more and more people across the globe earning expendable incomes, the collective population is susceptible to spending more for luxury and superior quality, which could significantly impact the growth of the global super absorbent polymers market in the forthcoming years.

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