Retail Sector to Drive Growth of Thermal Printing Market at an Impressive Pace

Sep 25,2018

Thermal printing market is prominently driven by the expanding retail industry across the globe. Retail industry is likely to continue its dominance in thermal printing market over the forecast period owing to growing demand for cost-effective, extremely efficient and highly reliable technology. The flexibility features of thermal printing integrating with various kinds of printing and labelling systems drive the demand for thermal printing in retail businesses. Growing adoption of RFID technology amongst the retailers in order to manage inventory systems is anticipated to fuel the growth of thermal printing market.

Key players and manufacturers in thermal printing market are taking immense efforts in increasing availability of advanced and new RFID printing & encoding systems that are essential for attaining holistic benefit of RFID deployment. Retailers are expected to continue to drive the demand and supply of thermal printing as it helps them in eliminating the requirement for replenishing ink supplies and save huge costs on operations. Lesser need for maintenance further drives demand for thermal printing from retailers across the globe.

In the forthcoming years, retailers are expected to move beyond conventional printers owing to its time-saving, cost-saving and efficiency-promoting benefits, which in turn significantly drives the growth of thermal printing market. Many manufacturers are taking immense efforts in developing thermal printing solutions, which would be highly beneficial for retailers to quickly print legible and clear receipts, RFID tags, high-quality apparel tag and barcode tag. Growing competition form the Chinese vendors, rapid growth potential across developing regions, increasing adoption in the healthcare industry and demand for portable thermal printers is anticipated to holistically drive the growth of thermal printing market.

Thermal Transfer Technology to Gain Significant Traction

Demand for thermal transfer printing is likely to gain traction in thermal printing market in the forthcoming years. Increasing image durability is the main factor driving the demand for thermal transfer printing in the thermal printing market. Additionally, adaptable nature of thermal transfer printing even in harsh environments further drives the product’s demand in thermal printing market, thereby expanding customer-base. High-resolution of graphics, text and bar codes are driving the usage of thermal printing across end-use industries on a larger basis and is foreseen to continue the trend in the forthcoming years. Longer printhead life of thermal transfer technology compared to the direct thermal technology is expected to significantly drive the demand of technology in thermal printing market. In addition, colour of thermal transfer printing can be customized according to the demand of customers, which in turn drives attraction of larger customer base and multinational companies, thereby surging the growth of thermal printing market.

RFID Printers to Witness Surging Demand

Manufacturers and key players in thermal printing market are taking immense efforts in developing RFID printers with future-proof adaptability, user-friendly features and industrial durability that cater to the emerging demand of the customer-base. High-performance of RFID printers will enable in delivering high print speeds, superior flexibility as well as high media roll capability for enhanced productivity. Apart from this, RFID printers offer innovative features benefitting in reliable encoding and printing purposes, even in harsh environments. Key payers and manufacturers can attain significant competitive edge with enterprise insights, deeper visibility and greater tracking abilities. Manufacturers in thermal printing market are taking immense efforts in developing easy-to-use and small RFID printers integrated with advanced features in compact footprint for the purpose of simple and convenient operation. Companies like Zebra Technologies area taking immense efforts in developing RFID printers with OEM print engines, in order to cater to the needs of high volume industrial applications for the purpose of shipping, manufacturing, receiving and more.

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