X-Band Radar Manufacturers Expanding their Market Presence and Harnessing the Benefits Associated with X-Band Radars

Oct 04,2018

Security and monitoring of land and seas with the help of high-resolution systems makes the task easier. Owing to the increasing significance of these activities, the radar systems are gaining more importance with time. S-band radar and x-band radar are being used widely with the increasing need for surveillance and high-value monitoring required in the industries. The need for x-band radar in communication systems to improve the process are expected to grow with time owing to the need for effective communication and control in various applications of safety and security across the globe.

Raytheon to Reinforce Defenses with their Focus on X-Band Radar Systems

Market players in the x-band radar market are extending their focus towards the capabilities of x-band radars in end-use industries. Raytheon Company, a major U.S. defense contractor with manufacturing focus on weapons, commercial and military electronics, has been demonstrating a small x-band radar that is a low-powered radar that is equipped to provide precise guidance to the landing aircraft. The precision approach guidance provided from an extended range of over five times than the current offerings the new small x-band radar looks like a promising guidance system. The extended range of this small x-band radar allows it to manage approaching multiple fast aircraft.

Furthermore, the advanced dual-polarization capability keeps this x-band radar safe from hail, snow, fleet, and even heavy rain. Being an active electronically scanned array (AESA) x-band radar, it helps in attaining high-quality and high-resolution imaging. The company focuses on initiating the production of this low-power x-band radar in the year 2019. From the year 2017, Raytheon is focused on improving their portfolio, for which they have been working on upgrading software as well as the hardware in their sea and land-based missile-defense x-band radar. Raytheon is also looking forward to modernize the US Army strategic software systems under their 600 million dollar contract.

X-Band Radar demand to grow for Surface Warships

The United States Army is inclining towards x-band radar for surface warships owing to the x-band radar being the only wavelength that suits their next generation surface radar. Back in 2017, the Navy was all set to begin the process of improving their current x-band radar for creating a next-generation, light-weight, and low-cost active phased array radar by the year 2027.

Navico Group to Expand their Commercial X-Band Radar Solutions Range

With the growing need for security and surveillance even in the marine industry, market players such as Navico are seen expanding their range of Simrad x-band radar solutions. The need for x-band radar in workboats has resulted in growing commercialization of the commercial-grade radars made available in a range of configurations to meet the specific demands and requirements for x-band radar and s-band radar systems. The radar systems provided by the Navico Group deliver high-resolution coverage along with optimized separation of target. Availability of distinct configurations allows meeting distinct requirements, thus, strengthening the business.

With market players engaging in innovation and expansion strategies similar to the aforementioned ones, the x-band radar market is expected to proliferate through the coming decades. The need for high-end and next generation systems will further contribute to extended research and development in this segment

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