BitTorrent Sync has been a handy tool for business workgroups and individual users. Leveraging peer-to-peer technology, it offers an easy way for people to sync and share their files. However, the company has taken a step further in addressing the online storage needs of large businesses by teaming up with Onehub, an online storage and sharing provider, to create a hybrid file sharing service.

According to Erik Pounds, VP product management for BitTorrent Sync, the new combined offering will offer businesses a host of advantages, including speed, security, reliability, and scalability. The partnership with Onehub is also expected to give BitTorrent access to some important upgrades for developers, including an API release.

BitTorrent and Onehub Aim to Provide Integrated Offerings to Large Businesses

BitTorrent’s decision has been seen by analysts as a move to improve its enterprise sync-and-share button. Onehub Sync will help BitTorrent address the specific needs of the customers, such as activity tracking and granular permission settings. Onehub has a reliable reputation in the cloud storage industry, with a clientele that includes the likes of Starbucks and Philips.

Maintaining confidentiality is of paramount importance for businesses, and with Onehub’s secure encryption, BitTorrent will be able to position itself as a reliable online storage company. The collaboration with Onehub is expected to help BitTorrent protect the security and confidentiality of their clients more effectively. For example, users will be instantaneously informed about any changes made to a file stored on the cloud.

BitTorrent is aware of the growing adoption of cloud storage among large businesses, and its decision to partner with Onehub is being seen as a step in the right direction. It will be interesting to see how the other stakeholders in this emerging market will react to this recent development.