How FMI Helped an Emerging Tech Company Stand Out in a Pack of Top-tiered Players


The Challenge

A new entrant in the media and communications industry wanted to establish a stronger position in the highly saturated market for laptops and tablets. As the market is already overly crowded with globally-recognized companies and tech giants, this company was in search for innovative solutions to stand out in the competition. Due to customer loyalties towards popular brands in the market, the client was facing some challenges associated with brand awareness, which was limiting its sales. With a large customer base with specific brand loyalties, the client needed to create a strong brand identity to bolster the sales of its products in the laptops and tablets market. FMI helped the client improve its brand visibility in a pool of global tech giants, to create its own new customer base and capitalize on lucrative growth opportunities in the market.


The global market for laptops and tablets has reached a saturation point, and top-tiered computer technology companies have consolidated their positions in the market. Though the market is already saturated, leading companies are launching innovative features in laptops and tablets to differentiate their products from the market competition. Emerging computer tech companies can scale up among the competition by reaching the millennial population, especially in developing countries, and launching versatile products that can offer unique features that will suit the modern lifestyle of the millennials.


FMI carried out a detailed research on the current trends in the laptops and tablets market after assessing the client’s current customer base and budget. After conducting a thorough research on the challenges and the client’s current needs, FMI proposed that the client could improve its brand awareness through various digital channels without the help of traditional modes of marketing. The company could focus more on the versatile features of its products, and not on the technical features, which have already been covered by its top-tiered competitors in the market. By highlighting the versatility of the product through digital marketing campaigns for millennials, the client could expand its reach and improve its brand awareness among modern customers.

The Result

The company took help of FMI’s detailed consumer need survey to design its innovative digital campaigns, which were propelled by the client’s goal to improve its brand awareness. The client implemented the new marketing strategies suggested by FMI in various segments of its campaigns. Right from creating a catchy tagline to crafting an engaging brand story, the primary focus was to highlight the product’s best features and connect with the target customer base online. The idea to start a story-driven campaign helped the client immensely in improving its brand identity across a particular demographic on the digital platform. Introducing diverse products with unique features, which stand out in the crowded market for laptops and tablets, with an appealing digital story, helped the client in keeping its customers hooked through each level of the purchase funnel. The client also presented a more diverse lineup of products in the laptops and tablets market, and despite a limited budget, the brand could create its own customer base through digital story-driven campaigns.