Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas

Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas Industry Analysis by FMI

Energy, mining, oil and gas companies have to wade through complex regulations, shifting market dynamics, and increasing resource costs. To survive and excel in these conditions, companies need to focus on maximising efficiency and minimising costs to attain the highest ROI.

FMI helps organisations in this industry to overcome complex challenges via solutions such as the deployment of fact-based research data. Based on this data, our analysts create a 360-degree service delivery plan for enterprises. FMI also guides organisations in optimising services for sustainable returns.


In the coming few decades, the world’s population will reach the 9 billion mark. With the exploding population, the global demand for energy will continue to grow. Technological advancements will influence electricity consumption, and technologies such as smart meters will demonstrate strong growth. At the same time, depleting conventional energy resources such as oil, natural gas, and nuclear will push enterprises to invest more in unconventional (shale oil and gas, tight oil and gas, and CBM) and renewable energy sources (solar, wind, water, geothermal, biomass, tidal, and OTEC).

Around the world, favourable regulations from governments and other official bodies along with large investments are supporting the alternative energy market. FMI helps companies in the energy sector understand the key trends influencing the energy market and optimise their operations and offerings with technological advancements in the most cost-effective manner.


The mining industry was greatly affected by the global recession of 2008-2009; however, in the coming years, the industry will rebound and demonstrate steady growth. Currently, metal and mineral industries have a strong position in the market which allows them to benefit from savings on production costs via mass scale activity. The mining industry is segmented according to source industry into mineral, metal, and rare earth, and by method into surface and underground.

The mining industry is expanding in developing countries owing to the cost-effective operation and affordable labour here. FMI’s dedicated team for the mining sector address a wide range of issues of the client right from optimising the production cycle to continuous competition monitoring across developed and emerging nations.

Oil and Gas

To succeed in the oil and gas industry, companies need to evaluate the ongoing energy demand and source trends. Companies also need to focus on technological developments to keep one step ahead of the competition. By attracting a skilled workforce that involves qualified scientists and engineers, companies can maintain this competitive edge.

FMI supports companies in oil and gas industry sectors including upstream (conventional and unconventional exploration and production), midstream (transportation and storage), and downstream (refining and distribution). Our research and consulting services help clients with key insights across a broad range of strategic and operational functions.