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Packaging Industry

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  • Business Prospects

  • Clients can depend upon our assessment on business operations, relevant political & economic risks, and technological challenges while tapping new markets. We offer accurate evaluation of the macro- and micro-economic trends that influence the purchase decisions of end-use verticals, so that clients can make appropriate decisions.

  • Target Area Analysis

  • Businesses can bank on our packaging market analysis to detect the preferences of end users, and better position their products in line with innovation efforts. We help clients gain insights into regional trends and opportunities for strategic permeation into target markets.

  • Strategic Insights

  • FMI's research on the packaging industry offers imperative data for businesses to make smarter decisions in both, evaluating the landscape scenario and new product development. Clients can leverage our intelligence studies for analysing the performance of their offerings, and monitoring their visibility in the broader supply chain.


Packaging Industry

  • Packaging Materials
  • Packaging Materials

    The packaging materials landscape is in the phase of sustainability-driven discoveries. Assessments of FMI on packaging materials include the pervasive trend of lightweighting and its impact on future developments in rigid packaging solutions. While the popularity of flexible solutions as effective alternatives to their rigid counterparts has been highlighted in our studies, we also take into account the industry’s inclination toward environment-friendly packaging materials such as forest paper & wood and bioplastics.

  • Packaging Design & Format

    FMI offers strategic forecast on key design drivers and trends in the packaging industry, with focus on currently leading technologies that have significant impacts on the industry’s prospects. We also help clients in quantifying the potency of profitable opportunities and planning their business strategies. Sustainable packaging, printed electronics, and nanotechnology are key design technologies that have been covered under our assessment of the packaging design & format industry.

  • Packaging Design & Format
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Packaging Machinery

    Our acute analysis on packaging machinery developments, including optimization of footprint and compact control cabinets, to more open layouts, helps businesses formulate effective strategies to gain higher market shares. We offer custom research into the packaging machinery trends and prospects, tailored to the client requirements and their unique challenges.

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