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Retail & Consumer Products Industry

Retail & Consumer Products Industry Solutions

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  • Supply Chain Analysis

  • We have a better idea about the supply chain’s vitality in the retail and consumer products industry, and are committed to offering valuable intelligence on supply chain and procurement for industry players. Our research allows clients to make proper investments, and benchmark their existing capabilities to realise success and make informed decisions.

  • Competitor Intelligence

  • Our robust and methodical research approach facilitates businesses in taking appropriate measures, banking on our competitor landscape assessment that births strategic solutions for growth. We have continuously helped our clients improve their supply chain efficiency, streamline operations, and maximise customer retention, thereby realising promising growth.

  • Bespoke Assessment

  • FMI understands the uniqueness of every client requirement, and offers apt, tailored solutions to enable them materialise their organisational objectives. Our strategic assessment helps businesses continuously monitor the pulses of the retail and consumer products industry, and recognise profitable business opportunities.


Retail & Consumer Products Industry

  • Categories
  • Categories

    We offer detailed insights into the innovative product developments, sales performance, and service ranges of retail and consumer products industry players. Clients can access our assessment studies to benchmark their business trajectory with competitor intelligence, mystery shopping, and pricing analysis. We help businesses stay updated on both, ephemeral and pervasive trends across various categories in the industry.

  • Channels

    The retail and consumer products industry remains dominated by three imperative channels, namely, multiline, specialty, and Internet. FMI offers independent businesses with innovative ideas for the effective management of their supply chains across these channels, and tapping the target consumer base. Our multi-faceted market research and valuable data help clients with implementing successful plans across retail channels that range from modern trade to private labels.

  • Channels

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