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Apr 01,2021

Toothpastes Emerge as Top-selling Oral Care Product Accounting for Over 50% Sales through 2031: Study

Personal care and hygiene has taken vital importance in the lives of consumers. Proper oral appearance has become important attribute to gain hygienic lifestyle. Future Market Insights (FMI)

Apr 01,2021

Rockbreakers Demand in Mining Sector Will Surge, Accounting for More than 80% of Overall Sales: Study

The growing demand for metals across various industrial sectors is one of the leading driving factor of the global rockbreakers market. The mining sector has seen the significant growth in past few

Mar 30,2021

Colored Gemstones Demand Rising with Jewelry and Ornaments Industry Accounting for 85% Sales: Study

Global colored gemstones sales is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of over 5.7% during the study forecast period 2021-2031, exhibiting a positive recovery from period of muted growth in 2020,

Mar 30,2021

Demand in T&D Utilities will Account for Over 46% of Sales in Switchgear Market: Study

Global Switchgear sales are set to be valued at US$ 72.44 Bn in 2021 and is expected to have a stable long-term projection, according to latest insights from Future Market Insights (FMI), an ESOMAR-

Mar 26,2021

Marmite Emerges as Top-selling Yeast-based Spread: New Study

Yeast-based spreads sales are surging in response to the rising demand for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, halal, natural, kosher, and fat-free food items. According to a new study by

Mar 25,2021

Application in Nutraceutical to Account for Over 40% Phospholipids Sales Registered Globally: New Study

Phospholipids are obtained from oilseed such as sunflower, rapeseed, and soy. The abundant availability of phospholipids and increasing demand in cosmetics, hair care, pharmaceutical, and

Mar 25,2021

Application in Food Industry to Account for Over 21% Sales of Powdered Cellulose: Study

Changing consumer diet style and sedentary lifestyles are often associated with concerns and diseases related to lifestyle changes. In order to overcome these problems, consumers are turning their

Mar 25,2021

Plastic Rain Barrels Become a Preferred Choice for Rain Water Preservation among Consumers: FMI

The low supply of water has led to practices such as rainwater harvesting and rainwater conservation. This has fuelled the demand for rain barrels to store and preserve rain water for later use.

Mar 24,2021

Shrimps to Remain Preferred Source for Chitosan in the U.S., Accounting for Nearly Half of Production: New Study

The growing demand for the biocompatible and biodegradable polymers is anticipated to boost the market for chitosan in North America. Future Market Insights (FMI), in a new study has forecast the

Mar 24,2021

Municipal and Industrial Applications Represent Nearly 3/4th of Water Treatment Polymers Sales: New Study

Increasing consumption of water treatment polymers in various industries is anticipated to propel growth of the water treatment polymers market. According to a new study by Future Market Insights (FMI

Mar 23,2021

Contract Manufacturing Organizations Continue Holding Lion’s Share within CMO/ CDMO Market: Study

An increasing number of companies within the pharmaceutical sector have been considering contract manufacturing in response to the increasing demand for generic drugs and biologics. In a new study,

Mar 23,2021

Prefabricated Orthopedic Insoles to Remain Top-selling Despite Rising Demand for Customization: Study

A pair of custom shoes seems like an indulgence or luxury, however medical conditions such as diabetes, club feet or amputations can often make it necessary. The rising prevalence of various

Mar 16,2021

Rising Cases of COPD to Account for Nearly 30% of Pulmonology Devices Sold: New Study

Respiratory disorders such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), and lung cancer is on the rise globally. Smoking and unhealthy living environment are often identified as common

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