Pediatric Recommendations for Probiotic Ingredients Surge as the Rate of C-Section Childbirths Continues to Bolster: FMI’s Global Report

Jun 05,2019 | Food and Beverage

In 2016, close to 20% of infants were born in the US by C-section (cesarean) mode of delivery. This percentage is even higher in developed countries across the globe including Europe and Asia Pacific. Number of C-section child deliveries is also gradually picking up pace in developing countries, and is further likely to amplify with favorable surrogacy policies in countries such as India.

Probiotic Ingredients Market

A recent market study published by FMI, “Probiotic Ingredients Market: Global Indust...

Probiotic Ingredients Market

The early colonization patterns of bacteria in the gut of C-section born infants differ widely from infants born vaginally. Furthermore, it has been experimentally proven that the first microbiotas (commensal, symbiotic, and pathogenic microorganisms in the body) of infants are structured primarily by their mode of delivery. The population and diversity of bacteria in infant gut are similar to the type of microbiota that a child accumulates during the birth. A higher threshold of similarity has been reported between microbiota of an infant gut to that of the mother’s vaginal or skin microbiota. Furthermore, experiments also prove that C-section born infants harbored less Bifidobacterium and Bacteroides species benchmarked to vaginally-born infants, along with lesser diversity of species of bacteria.

Since, the mode of delivery directly influences bacterial diversity among kids, and number of C-section delivery is also reported to be increasing every year, supplement of probiotic ingredients is recommended by pediatrics across the globe, in order to ensure balanced bacterial colonization in kids’ gut during the developmental stage. This is likely to unfold as one of the critical factors, on the backdrop of which, the global probiotic ingredients market is projected to grow over the coming years.

Increasing Incidences of Indigestion in Kids

Eating habits have transitioned from health-based food products to taste-based – particularly for kids in developed countries. Busy lifestyles of working parents limit their control on the eating patterns of their children, which in majority of the cases results into gastrointestinal-related malfunctioning conditions in kids.

About half a decade ago, consumers were not informed about the use of probiotic ingredients and hence, their dependence was on medicines, which again led to other complications at several reported instances, across the globe. The probiotic ingredients industry is focused on making consumers aware of certain strains of probiotic bacteria that show very effective results for children by relieving them from constipation. Informed parents now opt for probiotic ingredients and ensure administration of supplements to children on regular and required intervals.

A complete package supplement, which is being brandished by several probiotic ingredient manufacturers target kids and adults at the same time with supplements that consists of bacterial strains benefiting children, as well as adults. Thus, the beneficial properties of probiotic ingredients and supplements for kids are expected to propel the demand for the product over the coming years.

Probiotic Ingredients Manufacturers Adopting Novel Marketing Strategies

Adoption of innovative marketing strategies has allowed participants in the probiotic ingredients industry to grow at a significant rate. With proper investment at each stage of product development, manufacturers have worked towards increasing awareness about health benefits offered by probiotic ingredients. To boost awareness, they have shared successful results of clinical trials with their target customers. As the probiotic ingredients market is highly regulated, the specifications of the product supplied have determined the positioning of the product and the application at which it is aimed.

Probiotic ingredient manufacturers have effectively undertaken marketing of their products to convey multiple benefits offered by their products. For instance, Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are increasingly used in dietary supplements and infant formulas because they have unusually adaptable characteristics. In addition to being a versatile ingredient, probiotic ingredients offer many other health benefits. In the light of the increased cost of healthcare, majority of the population with increased healthcare concerns (especially elderly people), has switched towards the use of probiotic ingredient-based supplements across the globe.

Scientific Advancements Broadening the Use of Probiotic Ingredients

Lately, in the field of nutritional wellbeing, expanding escalated research of gut flora has been of vital significance for overall health. Research on probiotic ingredients and gut flora has enhanced due to advancements in technologies, which can decide and analyze the human micro biome. Research studies in the field of probiotic ingredients additionally demonstrate the capability of well-being adequacy of probiotic ingredients for metabolic and psychological conditions, alongside the impact on gastrointestinal and tract and the immune system. Because of these propelled outcomes, the development of probiotic ingredients in new indication areas is expanding, which is expected to contribute to progress in the long term, as the probiotic ingredients market becomes more extensive and prominent.

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