The keyless vehicle access control system allows vehicle access without the need for a traditional physical key. Keyless entry systems typically use a wireless remote or a smartphone application to unlock and start a vehicle.

This technology typically involves the use of a key fob or smartphone app that communicates with the vehicle. This is achieved with the extensive help of radio frequency identification (RFID) or bluetooth technology.

A keyless vehicle-access control system is a fully automated system comprising an electronic locking feature, which secures access to the vehicle electronically and substitutes the conventional mechanical key. This system works on a number of low frequency transmitting antennas placed outside as well as inside the vehicle.

Increasing adoption of smart technology and internet of things (IoT) will lead to growth in the market. The rise of car-rental and ride-sharing services will further drive demand. Growing requirement for enhanced vehicle security features is likely to provide opportunity to manufacturers in the global market.

Keyless vehicle control system market expansion is being driven by increasing demand for convenience and security features in modern vehicles. Keyless systems are now becoming standard in several newly-launched cars. They are also available as aftermarket upgrades for older vehicles.

These systems can help in preventing car theft and can also simplify the process of accessing and starting a vehicle. Keyless vehicle access control systems are commonly used in high-end vehicles. Nowadays these are becoming more prevalent in mid-range and low-end models, as well.

The need for keyless vehicle access control system is anticipated to rapidly grow in the coming decade. This will be driven primarily by increasing demand improved security in the face of complex system breach mechanisms available now. Development of advanced technologies such as biometric identification and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication is further set to augment the requirement of keyless entry systems in cars.

Beside the traditional keyless entry and ignition system there is also a growing demand for advanced biometric and facial recognition systems. These systems use sensors to identify the user and grant access automatically. These systems are relatively expensive and not yet widely available in mainstream vehicles.

Increasing popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices that are highly adaptable with on-board electronics of vehicles would continue to foster growth for keyless entry systems.

Challenges such as concern related to data security and privacy, and the risk of hacking or other forms of cyber-attack could impede growth. With the ongoing research and development efforts companies can improve security and reliability of keyless vehicles. It also assures that the system remains user-friendly and convenient for drivers.

The keyless vehicle-access control systems market can be segmented into two broad categories: system type and geography. Based on system type, the keyless vehicle-access control system market can be categorized into Remote Keyless Entry Systems (RKES) and Passive Keyless Entry Systems (PKES). The keyless vehicle-access control systems market can also be segmented on the basis of major geographies into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of The World.

Recovery in global gross domestic product (GDP) and increasing income levels along with other related factors have increased the demand for new cars with advanced technology. This, in turn, has encouraged automobile manufacturers to deploy advanced technologies such as keyless vehicle-access control system in their vehicles. These factors collectively are expected to drive growth of this market over the next six years. The global market for keyless vehicle-access control systems is expected to grow linearly in the near future.

Key participants in the keyless vehicle-access control systems market focus on research and development activities in order to introduce advanced and cost-effective product for end-users. In 2013, TRW Automotive introduced Passive Keyless Entry Systems for ram trucks. Some of the major players in the keyless vehicle-access control systems market include Panasonic Corporation, TRW Automotive Holdings Corp.,Alps Automotive, Inc.,Calsonic Kansei Corporation, Delphi Automotive LLP, Lear Corporation,Mitsubishi Electric Group, Valeo S.A., Atmel Corporation, Continental Automotive GmbH, Denso Corporation, Marquardt Switches, Inc. and Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.